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Here is a list of content appearing on the Mental Health Writer’s Guild Blog…

199 Days Later 25/09/2012

55 And Amazing! 18/07/2012

Affordable Care Act and Mental Health Phili.com/Health Reports 24/07/2012

Amnesty International Release New Guide Supporting Mental Health Rights 30/07/2012

An Interesting Question Concerning Bipolar Disorder  05/05/2102

Announcing the ‘A Picture Paints a Thousand Words’ Competition  02/05/2012

Announcing the ‘Dear Sarah…’ Competition  20/03/2012

Announcing the Warrior Child Award 21/03/2012

Apologies for my absence 11/04/2012

Asperger’s not in DSM-5 mental health manual – See full article 05/12/2012

Brainwave Training – Positive Feedback  28/10/2012

Children Who Are Bullied…..  29/04/2012

Congratulations One And All – All 101 of You 17/12/2012

Could A Blood Test Diagnose Depression in Teenagers? 20/04/2012

Dare To See It Differently Campaign   18/12/2012

‘Dear Sarah…’ Competition Closes  04/04/2012

‘Dear Sarah…’ Competition – Really Encouraged  31/03/2012

‘Dear Sarah…’ Competition reminder  29/03/2012

‘Dear Sarah…’ Competition Winner  12/04/2012

DSM-5 and you! 17/04/2012

DSM-5 Debate Committee Backs Off Some Changes, Re-opens Comments 04/05/2012

DSM5 First Responses 18/04/2012

DSM5 In Distress – Why Social Workers Should Oppose DSM5 27/04/2012

ElectroConvulsive Therapy “turns down overactive connection 23/03/2012

Email Difficulties – Help Needed  19/09/2012

FDA Accepts Company’s Inhaled Drug For BPI & Schizophrenia 10/07/2012

FDA Approves First Generic Drug For Schizophrenia – Fox News Reports 05/05/2012

FDA Calls on Teva To Withdraw Budeprion XL300  18/10/2012

Generic Version of Lithobid® Tablets Approved! 06/07/2012

Hey Texas, Have You Read The 8th Amendment? 07/08/2012

Hi Welcome…,  10/03/2012

Iowa, USA – Changes to the system directly affects the Mentally Disabled 11/06/2012

Just A Bit of Fun 28/11/2012

Just One Touch Campaign 13/07/2012

Just One Touch Campaign Adoption 15/07/2012

Launching the Try Looking At It Through My Eyes Campaign 05/12/12

Link Between Exercise And Mental Health  27/09/2012

May is Mental Health Month in the USA  06/05/2012

Mental Health Services In Ireland – The Way I See It.  29/04/2012

Money Motivates Mental Health Moves – Meet Makers of Medicine 20/04/2012

Monsters In The Closet and the proposed DSM5 22/04/2012

NCCAM and Tweeting For Improved Mental Health!  13/12/2012

New Genes link to Autism and Possible Other Psychiatric Disorders 25/04/2012

New Members 08/07/2012

Nocternal iPad Use and Depression – Questionable Link  16/11/2012

Obesity and Mental Health 22/08/2012

Possible Use of Antibiotics to Treat Schizophrenia  19/03/2102

Pro Bono Mental Health Services – Your Help Needed. 05/09/2012

Psychiatrist Contends Field is “Committing Professional Suicide”  12/10/2012

Reported new development concerning the Brain’s Barrier Tissue 16/03/2012

Research Explores  The Positives of Bipolar Disorder (Reblog from Manic Muses)  05/05/2012

Schizophrenia Sufferers Are Being Let Down.  17/11/2012

Sounds Fishy To Me 15/06/2012

Studying and Depression 10/08/2012

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation And Depression 05/08/2012

Washington Post – Psychiatry’s bible, the DSM, is doing more harm than good 28/04/2012

Waves of Release 03/08/2012

Wego Health Activist Award 16/12/2012

WORLD SUICIDE PREVENTION DAY – Sept 10th  06/09/2012

One comment on “Contents

    A journey into the labyrinth

    Just do not expect me to give you what you want. I can’t and even if I could I wouldn’t. That’s life it’s not my fault. Even though I may be able to change my ways there is no need to. Why should I. No one else would or does it for me. Go over the top jump off the cliff I have tried and miserably failed. I have tried so many times I won’t try anymore. Or maybe I will. It all depends on what? My mood. My chemistry.

    John stay away from alcohol, OK doctor. I was warned over twenty years ago that mixing drink and pills is a bad combination. Escape to the future! Not recommended for the depressive, lacking self worth individual. Sod off. Go away leave me alone. I have a life to live, what is it?
    What do you mean what life? The one you mentioned. Oh that one it means nothing. Solitary, in the garden, in public, in the interview it’s all the same.
    What’s all the same?
    Life you prick it’s all the same. Don’t you mean my state of mind? OK my state of mind, so what, and it’s meaningless, surreal, unintelligible, and worthless, it does not exist OK? No it’s not OK. Well then get a life. That’s what I’m talking about I don’t have a life. So you don’t want to get one. No why should I only be allowed one. Can’t we be allowed a choice, you know a multiple choice. Which life would you like, given the present state of your present preoccupation with society and people and this thing? What thing? Intangible thing, I don’t understand. Well you can’t put your finger on it because it does not physically exist. Like cyberspace. So I was right surrealism. Solipsism nothing exists outside my mind. This is a mirage, or a movie you know the lead character big hero at the end gets shot dies, the whole cinema cries. Washes his make up off, he gets in a cab and goes to an expensive restaurant. Buys a bottle of champagne and picks up the newspaper.
    Critical acclaim.
    Noteworthy. Money I’m happy. Why? The money. No the acclaim. Don’t talk shit. OK the money first no debt free comfort zone. Boredom, kicking my feet about. Boredom, depression. Now what?
    You’ve worked hard. I know. You’ve reached the top. I know. There is only one direction now, down. Are you happy? No, why not, because I have money and a comfort zone and fame. You are a target yes? That’s correct. A target for whom? The underachievers. Who else, the jealous, the have-nots. How much does a have-not have. As much as the adverts have.
    The TV adverts? Any bloody advert, everywhere, on the bus, in the cab. What the one you took? I didn’t notice, why? Because I have and I am unhappy because I have and the have-nots are unhappy with me because I have. What country are you in. Different ones. What about now? Poor impoverished Ethiopia. Are they jealous? No, because they are too starving to care. Food, food is all they want. Now I am in New York, are they jealous Yes. Why? Because I have a rolex. Where are you now, your eyes are glazed, you are sweating. In, I’m in I don’t know I don’t recognise the bloody place. So why are you irritated? Because I am happy being unhappy. But you have money and fame. And a queue. A line of waiters. Do you mean servants. No people waiting. For what? For me to die. Why? Why do always ask me why? Because I want to know. About what? The waiters. They are patiently waiting for me to die. Call them wanters, they want. What do you want? Happiness. Like when? Like when I was happy. When was that? That was when I was poor and fighting for something. What were you fighting for? A slice. A piece of the action, wealth, money it gives you respectability. To who? Everyone except, except myself. So how much is enough? Enough money or fame or praise I don’t know. This is all too surreal. Where are you? In the Garden of Eden. Utopia, Ambrosia, the land of milk and honey. Is that what you call it? Yes so bloody what leave me alone. You are alone. I know I know I know. Where are you? In an unhappy place. Are you happy? Now I am. Why? You ask too many questions. You provide too little answers. Give me space then or answers. I have. I know you have. I love the dark. We know. Is there more than one of you? Of course, we are helping you. Do you like the dark? Yes, no perception of time, no companionship. Does that make you happy? Yes go away. I am not here. Well stop asking why, stop asking questions. I have a headache. Are you dying? Yes we all are dying. Go away and leave me alone. You are alone. In the dark. Yes in the dark. Do you remember the light. I remember the Sun. Was it bright. Once, then it was dark, overcast cloudy massive thunderous clouds obscured my retina. Your eyes? Stop asking questions, you prick. You keep answering them. I can’t help it. Help what? Myself the environment the world the questions. Is that why you are here? I am in heaven. Heaven is not permanently dark. It is if you switch the lights off. Then its hell am I right? No you are not you are ignorant and have no insight. I have sight. You have sight but you do not see. The lights are off. It’s your choice. I don’t want the lights on. Why? Cocoon, blanket wrapped inside left alone, curled up foetal OK. You are giving up. No I never existed. I am not real my body is empty but my head is full. Open it then. Open what genius? Your head your mind let it free. Chains, padlocks I don’t have the fucking key. Who does? No one no one but me, you see? Do it then riddle man. Do what? Turn the key unlock the entity. Are you mad? Get out of here leave me alone. You talk in riddles and frighten me. You mean you frighten yourself. Piss off, and take the key with you just leave me alone for Pete’s sake. Who is Pete? The one who started all of this shit in the first place you know it I know it, so why are you asking me? You answer a question with a question. I know. There is a name for that. I know. Do you know what it is? Do you? There you go again. Where are you now? In a hole. Is it dark? Yes. Why is it dark? Because it is not light. Any particular reason. Yes because you have the key. No I don’t you have the key. The door is unlocked Sherlock Holmes. Well you have the switch then smartass. So do you. Where is it? Above your head. Switch it on. No. Why not? I like the dark. I am scared of the light. The light is realism. The light is knowing understanding and before you know it the tunnel of freedom. Why is it a tunnel? Because you can see the light at the end of the tunnel but otherwise it is dark. Where is the freedom? Are you just acting stupid, it’s at the end of the tunnel. Open the door. No. Go on open the door. NO. Why not? I will let the light in then I will walk towards the light then I will become happy. Why do you not want to be happy? Because it is an item.
    An item, something tangible it can be taken away from you. Better to never know happiness than have it taken away from you.

    John insisted on remaining in his room with no lights in isolation. The switch remained in place. He did not once on any occasion try to touch it. To switch the lights on. The door remained unlocked. He did not on any occasion try to open it and leave.

    Why don’t you leave the room? Because outside is freedom. But everyone wants freedom. Bullshit, If you don’t have freedom no one can take it away from you.

    John continued to remain in isolation, but he was never alone. He had the voices to talk to and they never left him alone.

    Do you dream? Yes every night and every morning they end in a nightmare.
    Even then the voices do not leave you alone do they? No but they don’t try to hurt me like all of you.

    So what’s with the knife? Are you going to stab me and kill me? No you do not exist how can you be killed. I will stab you and stab you and you will live for eternity. John started screaming. “HE’S SELF HARMING AGAIN” the lights blinded him (me). So bright, intense. Then the pin prick. Relaxation amnesia. Colours lots of colours, psychedelics fireworks, wonderful, the pillow is comfortable, I want to smile forever.

    Leave me alone, just go away and leave me the fuck alone!

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