Announcing the ‘Dear Sarah…’ Competition!

Ok here’s a bit of fun which is open to all Guild Members and which I hope you will all participate in.

You have received an email from someone called Sarah who  came across your blog when researching on the internet as a result of her having just been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.

All her letter says is…

  1. That she is scared about what to expect.
  2. She is 16 and in highschool and from all accounts has trouble making friends..
  3. She doesn’t really have anyone else she can turn to for advice.
  4. She lives with an elderly aunt who is getting on in years and who doesn’t really understand mental health.

All you have to do is write a response to her which…

  1. Begins with the words, ‘Dear Sarah…’
  2. Is no less that 750 words but no more that 1000
  3. Thanks her for her email.
  4. Shares some of your experiences.
  5. Forewarns her about some of the things she can expect.
  6. Encourages her.

Competition Rules…

The competition is ONLY open to Guild Members.

The closing date for submissions is no later than Midnight GMT on Tuesday 3rd April 2012 and no entries will be accepted after that date and time.

ALL entries should be emailed to  MentalHealthWritersGuild@gmail.com and should say ‘Dear Sarah Competition’ in the subject line.

All entries must begin with the words ‘Dear Sarah…’

All entries must be no less than 750 and no more than 1000 words

How it works…

As and when an entry is received it will be checked for compliance with the above rules and then published (here on this site after the competition closes) along with the name of the author (or any pseudonym the author prefers to use).

On or soon after the competition’s closing date  (Tuesday 3rd of April) I will ask my daughters which response would have meant the most to them if they were Sarah.

The response/submission that they choose will then be republished and announced as the winner and the winning author will receive a $25.00 Amazon book voucher in their email.

I hope you all think this is a fun idea and something that you are willing to participate in and I look forward to reading your entries.  Any questions or thoughts on the above just let me know.

Kind Regards,



15 comments on “Announcing the ‘Dear Sarah…’ Competition!

  1. I will be entering…cool beans! thanks

    • Hi Lizzie.

      Really pleased to hear it. I look forward to reading it ad I hope you get a lot of competition if you know what mean 🙂

      Kind Regards


  2. Very cool. I’ll be thinking up what I can say.

  3. I am just hearing about it but I will try and participate. Sounds like a very good excersize

  4. I’ll try to think of something this weekend. I thought it sounded like an interesting idea, and the reminder was helpful.

  5. I have finished mine but I am unable to send it to the address that you have listed for some reason. It keeps giving me an error. what should I do?

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