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Just a bit of fun

Here’s a little bit of fun which also demonstrates the power of the human mind. Try to read the following picture 🙂

Member’s Profile… Repressed Expression

Following on in our Member’s Profile series the following profile comes from our newest member the author of Repressed Expressions and is published here with her permission. “Life on the (Bi) Polar Express” I really don’t think that anyone can understand what it is to feel bipolar unless, well, you are bipolar. So I have […]

Schizophrenia Sufferers Are Being Let Down

The Schizophrenia Commission, an independent group of experts, has released a report on a year-long inquiry it conducted which looked into  schizophrenia care in England.  The results of the report “The Abandoned Illness” make for extremely interesting reading.  But as interesting as they are they will by no means come as a shock to anyone […]

Nocternal iPad Use & Depression – Questionionable Link!

In a recent article in The Daily Telegraph (one of the Uk’s leading tabloids) it was claimed that using an iPad at night could trigger depression. BUT is that true? I felt this was worth mentioning here for couple of reasons. Firstly because many people nowadays, especially many younger people, have iPads and other such […]

Member’s Profile… The Broken Light Collective

As part of our Member’s Profile series, this week I thought I would feature one of our newest members.  So new in fact that it is entirely possible they will receive notification of this post before they have received my email confirming their acceptance into membership 🙂 D. from over at ‘The Broken Light Collective‘, contacted […]