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Member’s Profile – The Quiet Borderline

Due to the number of members  affording each member their own Bio page is just not possible.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t give members the opportunity to introduce themselves and their blogs. So I am starting a new feature called “Member’s Profile…” and this feature is open to all members.  All of these can […]

Eye-locks and Other Fearsome Things: Learning to Love as a Bipolar Aspie

Yesterday I received an email from Ellen Stockdale Wolfe. Ellen has written a book (title as above) and wondered if I would include it on our blog. Certainly the book’s title would indicate that it could be relevant to our members. Additionally, it has been a plan of mine to read and review books and […]

Originally posted on Voices of Glass:
The other day when writing a piece entitled ‘Halfway Down The Stairs’ I recorded and uploaded to my YouTube page a short and simple no-frills dvd which was an adaptation of the muppet song of the same name.  I then included that dvd in that article and the basic…

Beyond The Behaviours

Yesterday a couple of friends called round for a coffee.  Both are members of the church fellowship I used to attend and both like me are very familiar with the challenges that poor mental health can give us. During the numerous conversations that were held during their visit one of the subject which came up […]

Another Drug Company pays out but at what cost to us?

Manic Muses very kindly sent me notification of news of another Drug Company having to pay out big bucks over mis or incorrect branding. This time it is for $1.6 Billion dollars and is Abbott Laboratories the makers of the drug Depakote. The article reads… “Abbott pleaded guilty to misbranding Depakote by promoting the drug […]

Originally posted on Reson8 Freedom:
It seems very appropriate, seeing as May in Mental Health Month in the USA that it should be now that I launch this graphic. Self-Harm, Deliberate Self Harm, Intentional Self-Harm,  including such things as Self-Abuse, Self-Neglect, Self-Injury, – which ever label or terminology you prefer or are used to –…

May is Mental Health Month in the USA

The following comment was received from Candida Abrahamson and I thought I would feature it here so that it did not get missed. Many thanks to Candida for reminding us…. Just reminding everyone that May is Mental Health Awareness Month, with two main areas of focus: 1. “Do More for 1 in 4″: A call […]