Sounds Fishy to me!

I have just read an article entitled ‘Fish oil capsules ‘may not slow mental decline’ on NHS Choices – the online website for the UK’s National Health Service – which looks at the alleged benefits of Omega 3 on mental decline.

In the article they make the statement…

“Fish oils don’t help ward off dementia,” BBC News has reported. 1

And goes on to say that…

The news is based on an evidence review pulling together high-quality scientific studies on omega-3 fish supplements, which are used by thousands of people in a bid to prevent mental decline. Researchers were able to draw on the results of three large, high-quality studies on cognitive decline (a symptom often seen during dementia) but none on the development of dementia itself. 1

According to the results…

those taking omega-3 fish oil supplements scored no better in memory and mental performance tests at the end of the trial than those given dummy pills. However, the review also called for further studies of longer duration, which could better detect changes in cognitive function over a longer period of time. 1

These results being based on…

over 3,500 participants aged 60 and over, who were assigned either an omega-3 supplement (in the form of a pill or margarine spread) or a dummy “placebo” pill. Researchers used various types of tests to assess their cognitive performance and then tracked them for a period of 6, 12 and 40 months. 1


the authors stress that omega 3 may have other benefits and that fish is an important part of a healthy diet. This study does not change NHS recommendations to eat two portions of fish a week, including one portion of oily fish such as mackerel, salmon or sardines. 1

It is an interesting read and the full article can be read here.

I am no expert in this but I can’t help thinking that since all of the subjects of this research were over 60, perhaps it would be more advantageous or at very least more interesting to research those who were taking fish oils or Omega 3 supplements etc prior to 60 years of age.

I for one still think that Omega 3 and fish oils could be beneficial and thinking back I can’t ever recall sitting next to a sardine or a mackerel or any kind of fish whilst waiting to see the psychiatrist LOL.

WHat are your thoughts and opinions on the use of such supplements?

3 comments on “Sounds Fishy to me!

  1. What are my thoughts? Don’t use them and can’t afford them anyway so I tend to ignore their existence. Going on genetics I’m likely to end up with Alzheimers so I probably should use them but… $$$ 🙂

    • Hi Cate

      Yes I can totally understand and relate to that. I am not i9n a position to buy them either. That having been said, I have a heart condition and am prescribed Omacor (which is effectively Omega 3 oils in a couple of capsules) for that.

      Ironically I had forgotten that when I wrote the article lol
      Hope you are well
      Kind Regards

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