Unwanted Loopy Guests.

Anyone who has been following my personal blog will know that I have, for some time now, been taking a break from writing on it.  In fact, as those few who are closest to me will know, I have actually taken a break from writing very much at all lately. That having been said, I […]

Mania: A Hat, a 55-lb Rabbit, and Dr. Rosen – Guest Post by Shoshana Stien

In line with my policy of publishing relevant Guest Posts, I am delighted to share the following piece with you.  Tova – who writes under pseudonym (or pen name) of ‘Shoshana Stein’ submitted it to us as a way of highlighting just what mania can be like for those who experience it. And I am […]

“How to deal with children’s mental health – an insight into fostering” – Guest Post removed.

Hi all, Just a quick message to explain the removal of the last guest post entitled “How to deal with children’s mental health – an insight into fostering”. In order to ensure that the guest post feature is not used by disreputable people as a way of marketing their products or services, I have a […]

‘Twas A Mammoth Task, But Well Worth it!

Well folks, I am delighted to be able to announce that having inadvertently wiped the entire ‘Member Blogs’ listing from our ‘Member Blogs’ page I have now finished re-entering all of the blogs and sites and have checked that all of the links are now working properly. (Does little dance round his office chair to […]

The ‘So Called Friend’ Who…

Originally posted on Voices of Glass:
I have this friend.  Well actually it depends on your definition of ‘friend’.  If you go by the usual (Miriam Websters’) definition of “one attached to another by affection or esteem.” then no, ‘Friend’ is certainly not the right label. But then if the title or label of ‘friend’…

I Don’t Know How To Make It Better.

As members will know, I have a policy of encouraging members to submit unique, original and previously unpublished pieces for publication as a ‘Guest Post’ here on the guild’s blog. And I have always been delighted by the response in both the submissions that I have received and the feedback that these have generated. Today’s […]

Actually, You Really Are Important!

An important message to all our Members. Our mental health can be a very fragile thing sometimes, can’t it?  And, in truth, even the seemingly smallest thing can impact it. Very often resulting in  an attack – whether from within or without – on our self-worth.  And the words, “Actually, you really are important.” can […]

Are we mindful enough of our Children’s Mental Health needs?

I am fairly confident that if I were (as I have below) to quote the lyrics of this popular Whitney Huston song, most folk would recognise them and a lot of you would even know what song it was part of. I believe the children are our are future Teach them well and let them lead […]

This Year’s Logos

Hi all, I have today just uploaded this year’s logos for both ‘Member Authors’ and ‘Member Blogs’. Some of you have emailed me concerning the obtaining and displaying of these logos and I promise that replying to you is on my to do list (which I have to admit – due to health issues and […]

Apologies For Absence, again!

Well all, it seems that I am back in a position where I need to apologise for yet another long period of absence. The truth is that the way my mental health issues present themselves is generally not with a sudden dramatic or obviously noticeable ‘crash’ (although yes they sometimes happen) but with gentle, slow, gradual […]