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The UK’s NHS is under treating Mental Illness!

Being as some of our members are from the UK, I thought this article would e of particular interest to them but might also interest our other members also. It was published on NHS Choices (website for the UK’s National Health Service) and as a result of an article published in the Independent newspaper and […]

Sounds Fishy to me!

I have just read an article entitled ‘Fish oil capsules ‘may not slow mental decline’ on NHS Choices – the online website for the UK’s National Health Service – which looks at the alleged benefits of Omega 3 on mental decline. In the article they make the statement… “Fish oils don’t help ward off dementia,” […]

Iowa, USA – Changes to the system directly affects the Mentally Disabled

David Pitt from the Associated Press stated in an article in the Times-Republican that news from Des Moines Iowa is that… Changes to Iowa’s mental health system have left counties short of money and forced some to drop mentally disabled people from programs.1 The article went on to say that…. County officials blame a new […]

Originally posted on Voices of Glass:
I find that I am deeply disturbed today. I think the term or phrase ‘guilty by association’ or its slight variance ‘guilt by  association’ is one that most of us would be familiar with.  Certainly it is a phrase which has been used as a title for books, a…

Fragile – An essay on Mental Illness.

Normally I would only publish submissions from members.  But the truth is that this one came in via our email address and it’s content interested me and I think will interest our members.  Certainly, I am sure, there will be parts we can all relate to in one way or another. Actually, for all I […]

A ‘Close’ look at the stigma around Mental Illness

Canada’s ‘Globe and Mail‘  has over the past couple of days been running an article looking at how the actress Glenn Close is campaigning against the stigma attached to Mental Illness. Due to the anonymity some of our members prefer, no doubt as a result of that self-same stigma, I am not sure how many […]