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Have You Voted Yet?

Back at the end of January I posted a piece concerning how long it takes to get an acceptable diagnosis in respect of Mental Health. In that piece I asked members to vote indicating how long it took them to get the diagnosis that they needed. About 10 days ago I published a graph indicating […]


Recently I received an email via my personal blog Voices of Glass.¬† The email in question was from the administrator over at Health Sofa and asked for my input concerning the site. Health sofa aims “to give users a platform to share and learn from experiences others made in an easy-to-use question-and-answer format.1” According to […]

Getting Help Survey Reminder.

Hi all. It has now been a week since we launched the “Getting Help Survey” and the initial results are quite interesting. The survey focuses on how long it took people from the point of realizing there maybe something with their mental health¬† that needed attention until the point of receiving an acceptable diagnosis. More […]