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Nocternal iPad Use & Depression – Questionionable Link!

picture courtesy of The Daily Telegraph, no copyright infringement intended

In a recent article in The Daily Telegraph (one of the Uk’s leading tabloids) it was claimed that using an iPad at night could trigger depression. BUT is that true?

I felt this was worth mentioning here for couple of reasons.

Firstly because many people nowadays, especially many younger people, have iPads and other such similar devices and an article such of this therefore carries some interest.

Secondly because according to NHS Choices (The UK’s National Health Service website) this is not an accurate or correct report and in fact is, according to them, “what appears to be a textbook example of health journalism cut-and-paste from a press release.”1.

The full article in the Daily Telegraph – which NHS Choices have a problem with – can be read here whilst the NHS Choices article can be read here.

Those members who are interested are asked to make up their own minds in respect of the validity of this suggested link between using an iPad or other such device at night and depression.  And of course all comments on this will be gratefully received.

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