Member Authors

mhwgmemberauthor2017The following is an alphabetical list of those writers/authors are currently members of the Mental Health Writers’ Guild and who are thus entitled to display the Guild Membership Logo on their  work.

If you are an author or writer who writes about mental health and mental well-being or if you are interested in these topics why not consider checking them out.

(Please note that: since it is impossible for us to keep up with and/or check all the work published by our members, membership to the Mental Health Writers Guild is not granted by way of endorsement of that work or accreditation of any kind.  And should not, therefore, be assumed or inferred in that context.)

Member Authors:

Alexis Rose: not only writes her own blog  – which can be found here.  But is also the author of a book (of the same name) ‘Untangled’ – A story of resilience, courage, and triumph. Which is available on Amazon in both Paperback and Kindle formats.

Brian D. Stubbs: is the author of A Mental Health Survival Guide: How to Manage the Severities of Multi-Mental Health Diagnosis.  It is a memoir of his severe struggles associated with coping with a multi-mental health diagnosis and is full of documented skills, tools and tips he developed as an action plan to cope and manage.

Jennifer Robinson: (at the time of joining into membership) has been published in two books – one of which ( Episodes of Schizophrenia) she co wrote with Jessica Leach)

Joyce M. Short: is the author of  “Carnal Abuse by Deceit” and the blog, “Stop Rape by Fraud!”. This book focuses on healing and recovery from Complex PTSD and Narcissistic Victim Syndrome.

Kevin A. Deane: writes for several blogs on a number of topics as well as having a number of books published.  He is also the founder of the Mental Health Writers Guild.

Leif Gregersen: has written two memoirs of her life experiences with bipolar disorder (“Through The Withering Storm” and “Inching Back To Sane”)

Lisa Chapman: among other works, writes the blog (Home page of the site mentioned below) and social media posts (Facebook, G+ and Twitter) for

Rebecca Lombardo: has collected pages of her blog ‘It’s Not Your Journey’ into a book of the same name.  In it Rebecca writes candid accounts of her experience struggling with bipolar depression and other important and difficult mental health related issues.

Tracy Leone: is a writer and auntie to seventeen nieces and nephews – some of which suffer from mental illness and it is because of them (and her own personal experiences) that Tracy wrote her first childrens’ book (dealing with mental illness) “We Look Just The Same”.


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