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Voices of Glass

I have been enjoying the 30 Day Challenge that I am doing at the moment but I have to be honest and admit that I am finding it very vague and a little tame.

So I thought I would (with the help of my daughter Nicky) design my own, and here it is… The “Try Looking At It Through My Eyes” Challenge.

Here’s how it works…

The challenge is specific to those who suffer with mental illness or poor mental health and lasts 12 days in total.  You can do these either consecutively or as and when the inspiration takes you…

Simply follow the daily instructions….

Day One –“She” (Or if you are male “He”) – Write a short story about someone who has just been diagnosed with your mental illness/condition and who is the age you were when you were diagnosed.  What happened, what were they expecting, what…

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  1. […] am accepting this challenge created by Kevin over at Voices of Glass (also Mental Health Writers Guild). It’s unique and inspiring and I look forward to completing it, hopefully one a day but […]

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