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I am convinced that finding a release can be so very important so please forgive me for reblogging this piece here.

Voices of Glass

Since I am resting up today, I thought I would write you all a little story….

She stood looking out of the window at the world outside distorted through the raindrops which fell and clung to the glass.

They were but a simple sad reflection of the sorrow that seemed constantly to fall on her life and cling to her mind.

Sorrows that all too often distorted her view of life in the same way those raindrops distorted her view of the world outside.  Sorrows which kept everyone else out and which kept her in

As she stood; looking, thinking, falling, a lone butterfly fluttered near as if seeking refuge from the storm.

Without thinking she gently lifted her fingers towards it seeking to offer it a resting place, a safe haven from the world.

But the same rain drenched distorted barrier which kept it out, kept her in and…

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