Announcing The Warrior Child Award

Ever read another blogger’s blog and been simply inspired by the openness and courage that they have displayed in their writing or what they were sharing?

Ever been touched by how a blogger has shown the strength, courage and determination of a warrior and yet the vulnerability of a child within the same piece of writing?

Ever wanted to give that blogger an award, not as part of an award that you yourself have just received, but separately and individually, without any expectations being placed on them whatsoever?  Other than to just know that you respect them and care for them?

I have and that is why I thought I would create the ‘Warrior Child Award’  and having done so I though why not make it an award that any Guild member can simply give out because they feel the person they are giving it too deserves it?

So I have today designed that award and have just finished publishing a page ‘The Warrior Child Award’ page  which explains it in more detail and which has the award on it.

The award is free to be given out by any Guild Member to any blogger regardless of whether or not they are a guild member, and I hope that you will make full use of it.

Kind Regards,



3 comments on “Announcing The Warrior Child Award

  1. THis is Great! I know exactly what you mean… and sometimes I have come across someone whose words and openess should be recognized even above and beyond the normal round of awards…they are all wonderful and great to have and pass around but one like this recognizes more so than others… to only be given by s select few and given freely to recognize them….very cool. I will keep this in mind as I read every day and be very mindful of awarding it properly…..

  2. Just letting you know that I have just passed one of these onto Redheadcase’s Blog on my post http://infinitesadnessorwhat.wordpress.com/2012/06/09/to-give-and-to-receive/

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