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I was very interested in this excellent and interesting blog post by Manic Muses and thought I would (with her permission) share it here.

Manic Muses

It’s not often you hear one of psychiatry’s own speak out so vehemently against the establishment’s ‘dangerously close’ relationship with the pharmaceutical industry.  But, that’s exactly what Dr. David Healy, a psychiatrist from Ireland, does.

In a Time Healthland article published this week, Dr Healy, “likened psychiatry’s attitude toward its faltering legitimacy to the Vatican’s widely derided response to its child-sex-abuse scandal by priests — essentially that psychiatry is brushing off justifiable concerns as hype instead of dealing with the source of the problem.”    If that statement sounds harsh, well,  it is.  But, before you dismiss them as merely the words of a hater, remember that for most of his career, Healy has held the view that Prozac and SSRIs (selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors) can lead tosuicide and has been critical of the amount of ghost writing in the current scientific literature. Healy’s views led to what has been termed…

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