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Originally posted on Voices of Glass:
I wonder if you do the whole New Years Resolutions thing? Personally it is something that I tend not to do myself but I am mindful that some folk do tend to do them and I am also mindful that for some they only end up as another vehicle…

Member’s Profile… Feathers Of Happenstance

As part of our Member’s Profile feature, this comes from and with the permission of Feathers of Happenstance by way of her introduction to the guild 🙂 It is copied (with her permission) directly from her blog and no alterations have been made. Once you have read it why not pop over to her blog […]

The Dare To See It Differently Campaign!

For any one of us who face what is commonly termed mental illness or poor mental health there is the added challenge of also having to face a whole range of potential injustices and stigmas!  And sadly the same goes for some physical health conditions. But who says it has to be that way and […]

Congratulations One And All – All 101 of You!

Just a quick post to say congratulations to each and every one of you! The Guild Membership reached 101 Members this morning! Here are just a few of the implications of that figure… It means that… There are at least 101 blogs or bloggers out there who are part of a Guild which is becoming […]

Wego Health Activist Award!

Hi all, I have today received an email concerning the Wego Health Activist award and I feel very strongly that Mental Health should be represented within this. Because of this I am copying that email here for anyone who is interested. Kind Regards and God bless you. Kevin. Announcing the 2012 Health Activist Awards! We’re […]

NCCAM and Tweeting For Improved Mental Health!

Hi All, I received an email from the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) earlier today. As far as I know/can make out (apologies for my ignorance but I live in Ireland) NCCAM is part of America’s National Institutes of Health (NIH) Here is the main content of that letter, which I am […]

Asperger’s not in DSM-5 mental health manual – See full article

We have written quite  a lot on this site about the DSM5 Mental Health Handbook, because it is such an important handbook in respect of Mental health and affects a lot of our members. So it is with huge concern that I wanted to post the following link to an article I read on NHS […]

Originally posted on Voices of Glass:
I have been enjoying the 30 Day Challenge that I am doing at the moment but I have to be honest and admit that I am finding it very vague and a little tame. So I thought I would (with the help of my daughter Nicky) design my own,…