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‘Dear Sarah…’ Competition – Really Encouraged.

I have today received the first entry in the ‘Dear Sarah…’ Competition and I am so very encouraged by it! In the interest of fair play, and so that everyone’s entry remains completely original and uninfluenced by other entries I am not going to publish this entry until the competition closes at which point I […]

‘Dear Sarah’ Competition reminder.

Hi all, Just a reminder that the Dear Sarah Competition is still running but is scheduled to change soon. More information can be found here And remember there is a prize for the best entry.

ElectroConvulsive Therapy “turns down overactive connection”…

……researchers claim. According to a recent (March 19th) news report on BBC News (online)  researchers in Aberdeen, Scotland now claim to understand how ElectroConvulsive Therapy actually works.  Something that is said to have been a mystery ever since the treatment was first used. This is, or so it seems, quite relevant at the moment since […]

Announcing The Warrior Child Award

Ever read another blogger’s blog and been simply inspired by the openness and courage that they have displayed in their writing or what they were sharing? Ever been touched by how a blogger has shown the strength, courage and determination of a warrior and yet the vulnerability of a child within the same piece of […]

Announcing the ‘Dear Sarah…’ Competition!

Ok here’s a bit of fun which is open to all Guild Members and which I hope you will all participate in. You have received an email from someone called Sarah who¬† came across your blog when researching on the internet as a result of her having just been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. All her […]

Possible use of Antibiotics to treat Schizophrenia

A cheap antibiotic normally prescribed to teenagers for acne is to be tested as a treatment to alleviate the symptoms of psychosis in patients with schizophrenia, in a trial that could advance scientific understanding of the causes of mental illness. That is the opening paragraph in the Belfast Telegraph (A UK Based publication) which then […]

Reported new development concerning the Brain’s Barrier Tissue

According to Science Daily  [Science Daily (Mar. 8, 2012)] “Researchers at the University of Copenhagen have documented a previously unknown biological mechanism in the brain’s most important line of defence: the blood-brain barrier. Scientists now know that the barrier helps maintain a delicate balance of glutamate, a vital signal compound in the brain. The research […]

Hi. Welcome. Pull up a chair, grab a refreshing cuppa and relax a while…

It really is good to have you visit and I hope that you enjoy what time you spend here. The Mental Health Writers’ Guild is a new venture which I hope others will participate in. Seeking to provide a recognizable community for all writers who have as part of the focus of their work either […]