Hi. Welcome. Pull up a chair, grab a refreshing cuppa and relax a while…

It really is good to have you visit and I hope that you enjoy what time you spend here.

The Mental Health Writers’ Guild is a new venture which I hope others will participate in.

Seeking to provide a recognizable community for all writers who have as part of the focus of their work either mental illness, mental health or mental well-being, and which is presented within a positive perspective, the intention is to provide members with support and encouragement and fun online activities to participate in.

Just exactly how this will pan out will depend entirely on those folk joining the Guild but will include, regular news updates, a chance to share (if you so wish) with other members as well as regular competitions and quizzes.

I truly hope that lots of folk will catch the vision for this guild and will want to be a part of it.

So why not think about signing up or nominating a blog which you feel fits the criteria.  (Details of which can be found on the ‘Membership‘ page.

Please also take a moment or two to visit the other pages on this blog which will hopefully afford you a better understanding of what the Guild is all about.

Kind Regards


2 comments on “Hi. Welcome. Pull up a chair, grab a refreshing cuppa and relax a while…

  1. My name is Lauren, and I am new to the world of blogging…

    I have always had an outgoing spirit. I am not shy, and thus, able to approach others without becoming overcome with anxiety. From a very young age, I had this need to rescue the broken or suffering, and by rescue I mean, to provide unconditional help and support to those [animal or human] who needed it. My ability to empathize with others is one of my greatest gifts. With that said, there are also times when that same ability feels like one of the greatest pit falls of my character. I am easily overcome by my passion for the values and convictions that I hold dear. And that passion, is not always appreciated by others.

    I knew I wanted to help people way before high school. It came natural to me. And so, I earned a BA in psychology. That degree took me nine years to complete, due to the condition of my health, but I FINISHED it! I loved being a mental health professional and I knew I was good at it. My specific passion is in early intervention, particularly with pre-schoolers who have an Autism Spectrum disorder. My hope is to one day be trained to use early intervention techniques in conjunction with play and other expressive therapies, as a Licensed Clinical therapist, in order to expand and affect the behavior of such special children. Of course, that requires the completion of several certifications and multiple graduate programs, that I do not yet know that I have the ability to complete.

    My current reality; however, is weakness, sickness, and exhaustion. I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, Degenerative Disc Disease, PCOS, and my favorite, Crohn’s Disease (just to name a few). I feel like my whole identity is wrapped up in my health status. I am currently struggling to just survive, and am scared that I will never even get the opportunity to thrive. But regardless of all my doubt, I am still unable to let go of the hope that I can still have the life that I want; a life in which I will be happy. And although my dreams and aspirations currently feel out of reach, I am determined to stand on my tip, tip, tippy toes until those dreams are within my grasp!

    So if you feel so inclined to follow my blog and allow me membership to the Guild, you will have a front row seat on the inner workings of my brain, as I learn to adjust to the life I was given, instead of the life I had imagined. And you never know, you might just learn something too!


    • Hi Lauren.

      Really glad to hear from you and to be able to welcome you to the guild!

      I have this morning popped across to your site, and I am more than happy to include your blog “The Caged Bird Still Sings” on our Guild Members list and in fact have just done exactly that. So welcome!

      Please feel free to copy the member’s logo from that page and to display it on your site/blog if you wish to. As a member you are entitled to 🙂

      You are also very welcome to join in any competitions that are run and to give out the Warrior Child Award to any blogger whom you feel is deserving of it. You will find details of that award on its own page within the navigation bar.

      I should perhaps mention that due to many bloggers wishing to remain anonymous as a result of the stigma that still remains in respect of poor mental health and mental illness, membership to the Guild is awarded to the blog and not the blogger. The only way that this is relevant is that it means that should you have or start a second or further blogs membership of the Guild does not automatically transfer to that or those blogs and they must also be approved for membership.

      I think that about covers it so all that remains for me to say is that if I can be of any help please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me here or through one of my personal blogs, http://www.VoicesofGlass.com and again “welcome to our little band of bloggers!”

      Kind Regards and God bless you.

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