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New Members

Hi all,

I just thought I would send out a short post to welcome all those who have joined our little band of bloggers lately!

It really is good to have you with us and you really are most welcome!

I would also like to encourage all members to check out our Guild Members page and take a look at the ever-growing list of members there with a view to checking out and supporting each other’s blogs and work.

In a world where isolation, stigma, and a lack of empathy are all too often common companions of mental illness and poor mental health I really do passionately believe that those of us who experience mental illness or poor mental health need to stick together and support each other as much as possible.

I know that so many of you are already so very good at doing this but why not check out the Guild Members List and visit blogs that you perhaps were not previously aware of and say hi to their authors!

Many thanks and God bless you.



One comment on “New Members

  1. Welcome newbies!

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