Announcing the ‘A Picture Paints A Thousand Words’ competition.

Hi all,

Yes it is competition time again! And this time we are running a competition which is slightly different!

Following the theme of “A Picture Paints A Thousand Words” to enter this competition all you have to do is submit a picture which to you speaks the loudest about Mental Health or Mental Illness.

Simple enough? LOL well of course it isn’t going to be that simple.

The conditions are…

  1. The picture can be taken or come from any legal source provided any copyright is respected.  (Please note that since we have no way of knowing the original source of said picture the responsibility to respect and comply with copyright falls to the person submitting said picture.
  2. The picture must be static – no moving graphics of any kind.
  3. Accompanying the picture you must submit a short (no more than 300 words) explanation of why that picture speaks so clearly to you about Mental Health or Mental Illness.
  4. ALL submissions (which must contain both the picture and the explanation) MUST be made by emailing them to mentalhealthwritersguild@gmail.com (If you experience any problems emailing to that address just let me know it the comments and I will provide and alternative email address)

We are looking for creativity, empathy and imagination in both your choices and your explanations.

Closing date for submissions will be May 19th and the winner will be announced shortly afterwards.

The person submitting the winning entry will receive a $25.00 book token from Amazon.com.

The winning entry will be decided by an independent group of people and their decision is final based on both the picture submitted AND the explanation given.

All entries submitted will be published AFTER the winning entry is announced which will be AFTER the closing date of May 19th.

I hope you will all enjoy the competition and that lots of you will enter.

13 comments on “Announcing the ‘A Picture Paints A Thousand Words’ competition.

  1. can we take the picture ourselves? does it have to be a photograph? illustration?

    • Hi πŸ™‚
      Yes you can take the picture yourself or even make the picture yourself and no it does not have to be a photograph. Collages, Illustrations, Drawings, Sketchings, Foil work, Paintings all are prefectly acceptable within the rules.

      Hope that helps

      Kind Regards


  2. can the picture have words in it? also about how big do you want the picture to be?

    • Hi Carla,

      Yes by all means but should be a picture rather that a basic text graphic. (I.e. Not just a picture of a words making a statement.)

      In terms of size I didn’t want to put any size limitations on it but pictures submitted will obviously be resized to fit the blog page and thus should have appeal and definition at that size.

      Hope that helps


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  4. Hi Kevin, thank you for recently accepting my Mental Health Blog: In what STATE OF MIND do we find ourselves today. I was wondering, when will the next competition be? As I would love to submit my illustration work for this years comp.

    Best Regards
    Plumleaf Golden

    • Hi Plumleaf Golden,

      Many thanks for getting in touch.

      Please accept my apology both for the delayed response and the fact that I have yet to set competitions for this year. This is both due to my ill-health at the moment.

      I do intend to be running competitions this year but when my health improves a little.
      Once again many thanks for getting in touch.
      Kind regards and God bless you.

  5. […] Announcing the ‘A Picture Paints A Thousand Words’ competition.. […]

  6. This looks to be a previous competition or is it being utilized again? I’m new to this community.

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