Email difficulties – Help needed.

I have been experiencing difficulties with emails of late.

I am sure that I noticed that there was an email referring to a blogger which I am also fairly sure had the word ‘alt’ in the title and which refered to wishing to become a  member of the Guild.  But when I went to access the email it disappeared and I cannot retrieve it.

Obviously it concerns me that someone is wishing to join the Guild and not getting a response.

So if any member knows of a blogger who has the word ‘alt’ in their blog title please could you comment below and also contact them referring them to this post so that I can a) apologize and b) sort out his or her membership application.

Or, if you are that blogger please do accept my apologies and please do contact me again either through the comment section below or by email again or better yet both 🙂

Additionally should anyone else have sent me an email and not received a response please accept my apologies and please do resend that email to me and let me know of the fact that this has happened to you also.

Many thanks everyone.

Kind Regards and God bless you.


4 comments on “Email difficulties – Help needed.

  1. Dear Keith,

    I have you in my Reader so saw this post immediately! No worries about the email snafu… you can contact me at altmentalitites@gmail dot com. I would really like to join the guild and hope to hear back from you soon!

    Yours truly,

    • Hi Alt.

      I am so very delighted that you saw my message and thank you so much for your understanding. It really has been bothering me greatly that I lost your initial email and I have spent ages trying to track it down in my email programs.

      Thankfully I can now put that issue to rest in my mind. Additionally I wanted to let you know that having now had the chance to pop over and visit yout blog I am more than happy to include it within our Guild membership list and to welcome it into membership.

      Because of the stigma sadly still attached to mental illness and poor mental health a lot of bloggers blog anonymously and so memebership to the Guild is therefore given to the blog and not the actualy blogger. This means that should you have or start another blog membership f the Guild does not automatically transfer and you will need to apply for membership for that blao also. Other than that it shouldn’t make any difference what so ever.

      So welcome to membership of the Guild (your blog ‘ALTmentalities’ is now listed within our membership list and please feel free to display the member’s logo on your blog as you see fit. Please also feel free to check out our Warrior Child Award page and any other page that interests you.

      So all that having been said, again my apologies for the delay and any inconvenience caused and welcome to our little band of bloggers.
      Kind Regards and God bless you.

  2. That was fixed quickly! So wonderful. ♥

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