Member’s Profile

Member’s Profile – My Depersonalization Experience.

Well, I haven’t posted a member’s profile post for a while now and so I am absolutely  delighted to be able to post this one in which we profile our newest member – Christopher – from over at My Depersonalization Experience. Due to my having again been unwell lately and only now starting to recover, I […]

Member’s Profile – lilypupslife

In the spirit of sharing information about our members and the resources or writings that they offer we often run our Member’s Profile Feature. Today I am sharing the profile of one of our newest members and I hope that you will make them feel welcome and go over and visit their blog/site. Please remember […]

Member’s Profile – One Deep Breath

As regular readers will know, in order to encourage members and so as to inform other members of all the wonderful resources and blogs out there. Every now and then I like to share Member’s Profiles. This is always done with that member’s permission and the profiles are always written by the member who is […]

Member’s Profile – Behind The Wall

As part of our ‘Member’s Profile’ feature, this comes from and with the permission of Behind The Wall by way of their introduction to the guild  -oOo- Behind The Wall started as a collection of stories taken from interviews by parents for parents of adults who live with serious, chronic mental illness. The stories collected for […]

Member’s Profile… Feathers Of Happenstance

As part of our Member’s Profile feature, this comes from and with the permission of Feathers of Happenstance by way of her introduction to the guild 🙂 It is copied (with her permission) directly from her blog and no alterations have been made. Once you have read it why not pop over to her blog […]

Member’s Profile… Repressed Expression

Following on in our Member’s Profile series the following profile comes from our newest member the author of Repressed Expressions and is published here with her permission. “Life on the (Bi) Polar Express” I really don’t think that anyone can understand what it is to feel bipolar unless, well, you are bipolar. So I have […]

Member’s Profile… The Broken Light Collective

As part of our Member’s Profile series, this week I thought I would feature one of our newest members.  So new in fact that it is entirely possible they will receive notification of this post before they have received my email confirming their acceptance into membership 🙂 D. from over at ‘The Broken Light Collective‘, contacted […]

Member’s Profile… The Trapeze Swinger

Following on in our ‘Member’s Profiles‘ series, today’s profile is from one of our newest members Jezebel from over at “The Trapeze Swinger“. For those of you unfamiliar with Jezebel and her blog it can be found over on Blogger by clicking here and is well worth the visit 🙂 Here is her profile and […]

Member’s Profile… The Depressed Moose

  Hi all, It gives me great pleasure to publish this profile of one of our newest members – The Depressed Moose. If you get the chance why not pop over to his blog and check it out.  It is well worth the visit. My thanks go to Garry aka The Depressed Moose for this […]

Member’s Profile – Many of Us

Continuing on in our Member’s Profile Feature I am delighted to be able to introduce the Many of Us Blog to you. This and permission to publish it was received via Carol anne.  Our appreciation goes out to Carol anne and the others for allowing us to publish it… Our hosts name is Shirley. She […]