Scars – Guest Post/Poem by Theresa Dunn

Hi all,

Following on in our tradition of publishing guest posts I am delighted to be able to share this one from Theresa.  As someone who has personal experience of the struggle with self-harming I am very much aware that this can be a difficult topic to deal with.  I am also aware that sometimes these things can be a trigger to others who may personally be in a bad place at the time they come across them.  That is why I have displayed the Trigger Warning logo (left) which I designed many moons ago now and which is displayed as a warning that the content of this post may be difficult or a trigger for some.

The fact is that when it comes to things like self-harming, I truly believe that this is an issue that really does need to be discussed and shared in a positive and informative way.  So by displaying this logo it is my hope that those who are in a difficult place right now will come back to this post when they are stronger.

Theresa, in sharing this with us, admits that this poem – like other poems that she has written – come from a very real and heartfelt place and I thank her and commend her bravery for sharing it with us…

Scars can tell a story
with every mark we leave
it doesn’t really matter
what everyone else believes

Some may be fresh
some may be old
but behind every mark
there’s a story to be told.

Some use their arms
some use their legs
some do it outdoors
some do it in bed.

The scars show fight
in that certain someone
but sometimes all they want
is to feel like they belong.

Scars are not a sign of weakness
it is neither a mighty sin
scars have lasting affects
which you just cant just chuck in the bin.

Don’t be ashamed of them
they prove how far you have come
you can change your future
but the past is done.

Don’t hide away your scars
be proud of who you are
you are not everyone else
you have come so far.

We all have battle scars
one way or the other
but i cant tell you much more
as i am not your mother.

Written By Theresa Dunn

[Editor’s note: Once again I am very grateful to Theresa for sharing this with us and allowing me to post her poem here on the Guild’s page. Self-Harming is something which often goes hidden for far to long and is also something which  is very misunderstood, often bringing shame and guilt and self-condemnation to the person struggling with it. Please do feel free to comment below and let us know your feelings.  Please also know that help with this is available for those needing it.]

2 comments on “Scars – Guest Post/Poem by Theresa Dunn

  1. I shared this with my daughter who is a self harmer,,,,we both cried. Thank you for sharing ❤

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