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Link Between Exercise And Mental Health

I read an interesting article on exercise and mental health and the link between them this morning. Whilst the link between exercise and mental health is not a new thing by any stretch of the imagination, and whilst I am always keen to point out that lots of folk who suffer from  poor mental health […]

199 Days later!

Dear all, Well 199 days ago we started the Mental Health Writers Guild and I want to tell you that it has been so very wonderful and such an encouragement to see how it has grown thanks to all of you! I also want to personally thank you all so very much for all of […]

Email difficulties – Help needed.

I have been experiencing difficulties with emails of late. I am sure that I noticed that there was an email referring to a blogger which I am also fairly sure had the word ‘alt’ in the title and which refered to wishing to become a  member of the Guild.  But when I went to access […]

Originally posted on Voices of Glass:
The fact that suicidal thoughts and ideation has been part of my life since early childhood is no secret and I have written about it on this blog several times before. It is a subject dear to my heart as it is a very real spectre that can haunt…

Pro Bono Mental Health Services – Your help needed.

‘Pro Bono Publico’.  It is, at least in part, a well known phrase.  I say in part as it is quite possible that most people would know the phrase to be simply ‘pro bono’. It’s origin or etymology is from the Latin and means ‘for the public good’ and nowadays it refers to professional work […]