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‘Dear Sarah…’ Competition – Really Encouraged.

I have today received the first entry in the ‘Dear Sarah…’ Competition and I am so very encouraged by it!

In the interest of fair play, and so that everyone’s entry remains completely original and uninfluenced by other entries I am not going to publish this entry until the competition closes at which point I shall post/publish them all.  I hope that everyone is OK with this  and agrees that it is the fairest way to go.

As I say I am so very encouraged to have received this entry and I look forward (hopefully) to many other entries to follow in the next few days.


One comment on “‘Dear Sarah…’ Competition – Really Encouraged.

  1. That’s good. I wouldn’t have read any of them without writing mine first anyway, lol. I don’t like to get unconsciously influenced (or intimidated) by others’ work.

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