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Dear Sarah Competition Closes

Hi Everyone,

Just a little housekeeping 🙂

The ‘Dear Sarah…’ competition is now closed and in compliance with the competition rules and fairness to those who have already entered, no more entries will be accepted.

Still not well here but over the next few days I will be sharing the 3 entries that we have received with my daughters and a winner will be chosen by them.

Their decision is final and so that it is entirely impartial, I don’t even get to have a say in the matter. 🙂

I am (having already read each of the entries myself) really looking forward to seeing which one they choose as each one has elements that I really liked.

The winning entry will then be announced and published and the winner will receive (by email) a $25.00 Amazon book voucher so that they can purchase a book of their choice.

The other entries (once the winner has been chosen) will also be published and I want to thank each of those entering for having taken time to do so.

Many thanks.



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