Member’s Profiles

Due to the number of members  affording each member their own Bio page is just not possible.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t give members the opportunity to introduce themselves and their blogs.

So instead we use the “Member’s Profile…” feature (which is open to all members).

Below you will find a link list of all the Member’s Profiles that we have published to date.  Clicking on the link will take you to that member’s profile feature (Not their own blog).  Additionally all of these profiles are given a ‘Member’s Profile’ tag.

[Please note that if you are a member and would like the opportunity to introduce yourself all you have to so is to email me your bio or profile and I will include it at a convenient time.  Please email them to mentalhealthwritersguild@gmail.com ]

At The Mountains of Madness

Behind The Wall

Broken Light Collective

Candida Abrahamson’s Blog

Feathers of Happenstance

Many of us

My Depersonalization Experience

The Depressed Moose

The Quiet  Borderline

The Trapeze Swinger

15 comments on “Member’s Profiles

  1. […] & PurposesCompetitionsContactContentsGuild MembersJust One Touch CampaignMember’s ProfilesMembershipSubmissionsWarrior […]

  2. […] & PurposesCompetitionsContactContentsGuild MembersJust One Touch CampaignMember’s ProfilesMembershipResourcesSubmissionsWarrior […]

  3. i am a member but don’t know how to put that ribbon onto my blog to show that i am apart of this group… help?

    • Hi Fathers,

      Due to the complexities of how WordPress is set up, for me to try to explain it in in the comments section or on a page within WordPress would be difficult as any script that I would write in order for you to copy would automatically be corrupted or omitted or converted by WordPress.

      But not to worry, I am just about to send you an email from the Guild’s email address which should help you to achieve placing the guild logo on your blog.
      Hope this helps.
      Kind Regards and God bless you.

  4. Hello, You recently added me to the guild as a contributing blog, and kindly emailed me instructions etc for placing our esteemed guild logo on my blog.. Unfortunately, being an absent minded, aging person with a mental illness.. would you believe that I think I deleted said email? lol Could you please send it to me again. You should still have my email. Thanks in advance.

  5. Some great, inspirational blogs in this list.

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