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To Look Beyond What We First See.

Originally posted on Voices of Glass:
As a long term sufferer with Mental Health issues I have always been saddened by the ways in which people often react so negatively towards those of us who suffer with poor mental health. Negative reactions which range from indifference to mocking and judgement and yes even ridicule and…

Submission From A Member – Reader Discretion Required.

Dear Reader/Member. I am displaying the Trigger Warning sign on this post as this post deals with matters of both suicide and self-harming. Members and readers are therefore encouraged to use discretion and consider very carefully whether they wish to continue reading. Hi all, I received an email this morning to which the following article/post […]

Mist Revisited: A Story About Depression

Mist Revisited: A Story About Depression

I was recently contacted by Dylan one of our members and the blogger over at Eyes Through The Glass. He would like to share this blog post with our membership and I would recommend reading it 🙂

Time To Talk Day (UK)

Today (February 6h 2014) is Time To Talk Day in the UK.  It is an exercise to encourage folk to talk about mental health and to pledge to do something about it. To learn more about this why not visit the time-to-change website? This is a great initiative and something we at Mental Health Writers […]