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Children who are bullied in early years are up to 3 times more likely to self-harm!

My own personal battle with self-harming is no secret and something I have openly discussed here, on my personal blog, and also on ‘Reson8 Freedom‘ (a fairly new blog dedicated to this specific subject) and to helping others who battle with this. Additionally through following the blogs of Guild Members I am also aware that […]

Mental Health Services In Ireland – The way I see it.

One of our members – Jill from ‘Not Quite Dead‘ asked me for my take on the Mental Health service provision here in Ireland and also made reference to the provision made in England. As it happens I am and Englishman living in Ireland, having moved over here to Ireland some several years back.  Thus […]

Washington Post – Psychiatry’s bible, the DSM, is doing more harm than good

One of our members – Manic Muses – has very kindly sent me notification about a very interesting and relevant article published within The Washington Post which is entitled “Psychiatry’s bible, the DSM, is doing more harm than good”. In this article the author – one Paula J Caplain – makes the statement… Since the […]

DSM5 In Distress – Why Social Workers Should Oppose DSM5

Yesterday evening I spent sometime reading a very interesting article by Allen Francis MD and published in Psychology Today. It appears to be a part of their (Psychology Today’s) series DSM5 In Distress and made some excellent and very interesting points. Now I need to be candid with you all here.  I live in Ireland […]

New Genes link to Autism and possible other Psychiatric Disorders

‘EurekAlert‘ has just published an article entitled ‘Researchers discover new genes contributing to autism, links to other psychiatric disorders’ this article can be found here and is in my opinion well worth the read. The opening paragraph of this article reads… A new approach to investigating hard-to-find chromosomal abnormalities has identified 33 genes associated with autism […]

Originally posted on Voices of Glass:
Meet Sam. Sam has a problem which is making life very difficult. Sam’s closet keeps coming open and stuff keeps falling out. This is making things difficult for Sam because Sam doesn’t live alone and others often remark or complain or react badly over the stuff falling out and…

Could A Blood Test Diagnose Depression in Teenagers?

Today the Metro has boldly claimed that a “blood test diagnoses depressed teenagers”, while the Daily Mail says that a new blood test “is first to diagnose depression in teenagers”. 1 ‘NHS Choices‘  An online site run by the National Health Service in the UK has today published an article stating that this has been […]

Concerning the DSM-5 and well worth the read. Thanks are given to Candida for allowing us to reblog this post here. Concerning the DSM-5 and well worth the read. Thanks are given to Candida for allowing us to reblog this post here.View original post

DSM-5 First Responses

Having received a heads-up over this subject, I truly believe that The DSM-5 is an important topic for discussion. Especially since some of our members live in the USA. It seems that I am not alone in this view and I want to thank those who have commented thus far. But I think that it […]

DSM-5 and you!

Responding to a suggestion from one of our members (thanks Candida) I thought I would bring the whole subject of the DSM-5 up for discussion by our members. Now being someone who lives in Ireland but who is by nationality English and being from a military family the collective initials DSM speaks to me of […]