Pro Bono Mental Health Services – Your help needed.

‘Pro Bono Publico’.  It is, at least in part, a well known phrase.  I say in part as it is quite possible that most people would know the phrase to be simply ‘pro bono’.

It’s origin or etymology is from the Latin and means ‘for the public good’ and nowadays it refers to professional work undertaken voluntarily and without payment or at a reduced fee as a public service.

Now from my little corner of Ireland I have to admit that my most common knowledge of it is in reference to lawyers and advocates who take up the plight of those who can’t afford to pay for legal representation.  But I am sure that is applies to other professions as well and a cursory research does indicate that nowadays it also applies to doctors and nurses, etc.

But does it also apply to mental health services and practitioners, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists etc?

Certainly I am aware of some free medical clinics both here in Ireland and in England and in the USA.  But what really interests me is whether anyone is aware of any mental health support which is available to those who can’t afford to pay for it.

So if you are aware of any mental health services that are provided free of charge in your area can I ask you to comment sharing your general area and what free mental health services you are aware of.

Many thanks.


12 comments on “Pro Bono Mental Health Services – Your help needed.

  1. In New Zealand there are free services provided by church groups mainly, the likes of Catholic Social Services, Presbyterian Support and the Anglican City Missions. Aside from that we have a free clinic here in Christchurch offering all types of free health related services to youth, including MH services. It’s only just re-opened last week after the quakes so I’m not exactly sure what it includes but here is a site with some detail. http://thepulse.org.nz/Me/My-Body/My-Health/HealthServices/

    • Hi Cate,

      That is very interesting to know thank you 🙂 It is very encouraging to see that they are available.

      I for one will certaily be looking at the site you linked to.

      Kind Regards and God Bless you.

      • The thing that sticks in my mind though is the thought that maybe the quality of the service isn’t as high as you’d get if you went to a paying service. I’m not sure if that is true or just how it appears. But then hopefully something is better than nothing.

  2. Doesn’t the charity MIND offer some free mental health services? xx

    • Hey Bourbon 🙂

      Yes the charity MIND was one of the one which I was thinking of especially in respect of the UK. But I am not aware whereas they opporate.

      So yes MIND certainly would qualify as one to be aware of.

      Hope you are well.
      Kind Regards and God bless you

  3. Awesome. Thank you so much for the invitation and support. Mind me sharing that our beloved community is suffering and part of it have a mental disturbed. Mental health is not a new illness! Mental health brain illnesses have afflicted all of mankind during all of our human time on earth. Yet, we seem to not be able to break through and break down simple barriers in mental health such as lack of awareness, acceptance, knowledge, education, support, sympathy, empathy; and social stigma!
    I feel if we can break through and bring down the barrier of social stigma, we can bring acceptance, awareness, empathy, sympathy, education, support and advocacy to one of the “oldest” mental health brain illnesses ever existing on our entire planet, globally!
    This awesome blog have a good response from the community. Please double check this blog in order for our good community.
    Blog address: voiceevilvoice.blogspot.com

    • Hi Anxious Elephant,

      I am sorry to hear that you are having difficult displaying the Guild log on your site.

      I have this morning placed some instructions (along with a script that you can copy and paste) on our Resources Page in the hope that they will help you and anyone else who encounters similar difficulties.

      But if you have any further difficulties please feel free to email me and I will try to hekp. My email address is listed at the end of those instructions.

      All the best with it!
      Kind Regards and God bless you.

  4. I am so much excited after reading your blog. Your blog is very much innovative and much helpful.

  5. Thanks for the helpful pro bono info. RM Shepperd USA

  6. SAMHSA’s “Caring for Every Child’s Mental Health” public awareness effort was created in 1994 with the mission to increase awareness around children’s mental health. The “Caring for Every Child’s Mental Health” team works to support SAMHSA-funded sites through the strategic use of social marketing and communications strategies. The overarching purpose of the team is to stimulate support for a comprehensive system of care approach to children’s mental health services.

  7. try this blog which helpful for our community (NASA cooperation)


    Do sharing for those needed..

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