FDA Approves First Generic Drug For Schizophrenia – Fox News Reports

According to an article in Fox News’ Online site the Food and Drug Administration has just approved the use of generic versions of a drug called ‘Seroquel’ for the treatment of Schzophrenia.

The article which also states that…

According to the FDA, the generic tablets are expected to be manufactured in several different strengths.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2012/04/12/fda-approves-first-generic-drugs-for-schizophrenia/#ixzz1u1LCVfgN

Also points out that the drug is also used in the treatment of Bipolar Disorder and the management of manic episodes.

More in formation can be found here on the FDA’s site

6 comments on “FDA Approves First Generic Drug For Schizophrenia – Fox News Reports

  1. Wow, I think this is interesting. My eldest son has been on this medication for almost ten years for schizophrenia and they are just now allowing it? How strange. I guess him being one of the guinie pigs for their nonofficial testing worked. I wonder how many of us are used as their lab rats without knowing we are.

    • Hi I’m

      That is very interesting. Can I ask if you are based in the USA?

      Personally I am in Ireland and not sure how it works over there in the US but I would imagine if it isn’t approved by the FDA it shouldn’t be prescribed for that?

      But as I say I am not sure.

      Good to hear from and I hope your son is responding well to the medication.
      Kind Regards


      • I am in the U.S. and that’s why I find it interesting. I also thought they couldn’t release a medication for X if it was already prescribed for Y. Could be it works better for Schizophrenia than depression?

        • Hi I’m

          Yes certainly some medications work for several conditions and it is I would think possible that a doctor could prescribe a medication for one thing on the grounds that he or she knows it works although it technically has been classified for something else. Again I am not 100% certain on this as it is beyond my field of experience. Perhaps one of the other members (should they see this) would be able to comment.

          Kind Regards.


          • You know, thinking of all the meds I’ve been on in my lifetime, I can see there is a correlation. I started Cymbalta ten years ago, before it became prescribed for Fibro. I never got relief from it for the pain but yes, for the depression, it helped. I had to laugh when I heard it was for Fibro now too.

            • Hi I’m.

              Yes I think that has happened to many of us. I also have heard of some medicines which were originally designed for one thing and the found to be effective in the treatment of other things and so switched over so to speak.

              Kind Regards


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