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Walking the Walk And Not Just Talking The Talk!

walking-2Having chosen the title that I have, I think I am duty bound to point out that the purpose of this post is in no way meant to criticize but instead to encourage and motivate.  It is also a reflection on my opinion of the wonderful commitment that one of our members – Sam from over at Schizophrenic Confidential has made.  And I really do want to encourage all of our members to take a moment or two and to pop over to Sam’s blog on Blogger and more specifically her post entitled ‘Here We Go Again…NAMIWalks 2015!

In her post not only announces how she is committing to return to participate in NAMIWalks 2015 New York City Metro on May 9th. but also encourages and challenges us all to consider doing a similar thing.

Isn’t that such a wonderful idea?  Wouldn’t it be great to get out there and to make a huge effort to get involved in a similar way?



Now I am fully aware that there are some of us for whom actually physically participating in a walk of this nature is – either as a result of our physical or our mental health, or for other reasons – simply not a possibility at this time.  But that doesn’t mean that we can’t still participate and get involved.

In her post, Sam has offered a number of suggestions or ways to get involved at a number of different levels.  And I don’t want to reproduce or re-list them here, as I really would like our members to pop over, visit, read her post and comment – either by sharing your own commitment or by encouraging Sam in her’s.

But what I very much did want to do, is to feature and highlight Sam’s post and her commitment here in the Guild’s posting and to all our members.  Because I have been so touched and so blessed by just what a wonderful community we have through the Guild and because I am certain that our members can get behind this!

So how about it? How will you show your support?


Kind regards and God bless you.




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