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I thought that this might interest our members…

Voices of Glass

I find that I am deeply disturbed today.

I think the term or phrase ‘guilty by association’ or its slight variance ‘guilt by  association’ is one that most of us would be familiar with.  Certainly it is a phrase which has been used as a title for books, a TV Movie, pop groups, music, and other things.

Additionally it is certainly a phrase which your parents may well have used when they were dissuading you from hanging around with the wrong crowd or boy or girl.  lol I know mine certainly did when they were forbidding me from hanging around the wrong people.

But what is ‘Guilt by Dissociation’ and indeed can there be such a thing?  Well that is what I thought I would look at today but in order to do so, or in order to do so with any integrity I feel I perhaps have to open…

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