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Schizophrenia Sufferers Are Being Let Down

The Schizophrenia Commission, an independent group of experts, has released a report on a year-long inquiry it conducted which looked into  schizophrenia care in England.  The results of the report “The Abandoned Illness” make for extremely interesting reading.  But as interesting as they are they will by no means come as a shock to anyone […]

Nocternal iPad Use & Depression – Questionionable Link!

In a recent article in The Daily Telegraph (one of the Uk’s leading tabloids) it was claimed that using an iPad at night could trigger depression. BUT is that true? I felt this was worth mentioning here for couple of reasons. Firstly because many people nowadays, especially many younger people, have iPads and other such […]

Brainwave Training – Positive Feedback

A recent article on has discussed how researchers from the University of Western Ontario and the Lawson Health Research Institute have found that… functional changes within a key brain network occur directly after a 30-minute session of noninvasive, neurofeedback training.1 The article explains how… Dysfunction of this cognitive-control network has previously been implicated in […]

FDA calls on Teva to withdraw Budeprion XL 300

Apologies for the slight delay in sharing this with you.  It was due to technological difficulties and I am now playing catch up. NBC has reported that the FDA has called on the pharmaceutical company Teva Pharmaceuticals to withdraw the popular antidepressant Budeprion XL 300 from the market. This seems, at least to this […]

Link Between Exercise And Mental Health

I read an interesting article on exercise and mental health and the link between them this morning. Whilst the link between exercise and mental health is not a new thing by any stretch of the imagination, and whilst I am always keen to point out that lots of folk who suffer from  poor mental health […]

Pro Bono Mental Health Services – Your help needed.

‘Pro Bono Publico’.  It is, at least in part, a well known phrase.  I say in part as it is quite possible that most people would know the phrase to be simply ‘pro bono’. It’s origin or etymology is from the Latin and means ‘for the public good’ and nowadays it refers to professional work […]

Obesity and Mental Health

I read an interesting article this morning and thought it might interest some of you. The article which featured on the UK’s NHS Choices website – a website run by the UK’s National Health Service – was entitled, “Can avoiding obesity stave off mental decline?” It opened with the statement… “Obesity ‘bad for brain’ by […]