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55 and Amazing!

LOL No I am certainly not referring to myself when I use the title ’55 and Amazing!’ Firstly I am not 55 (despite appearances) and secondly I would never consider or refer to myself as ‘amazing’. I would however consider and refer to you as being amazing for that is what you each are in […]

‘Just One Touch Campaign’ adoption.

Hi all, Many of you will already know about the recently launched ‘Just One Touch’ Campaign 2012. It is an idea which came to me recently and one that I launched firstly on my personal blog and then reblogged here on the Guild blog. The support for this has been just awesome and I am […]

New Members

Hi all, I just thought I would send out a short post to welcome all those who have joined our little band of bloggers lately! It really is good to have you with us and you really are most welcome! I would also like to encourage all members to check out our Guild Members page […]

A ‘Close’ look at the stigma around Mental Illness

Canada’s ‘Globe and Mail‘  has over the past couple of days been running an article looking at how the actress Glenn Close is campaigning against the stigma attached to Mental Illness. Due to the anonymity some of our members prefer, no doubt as a result of that self-same stigma, I am not sure how many […]

May is Mental Health Month in the USA

The following comment was received from Candida Abrahamson and I thought I would feature it here so that it did not get missed. Many thanks to Candida for reminding us…. Just reminding everyone that May is Mental Health Awareness Month, with two main areas of focus: 1. “Do More for 1 in 4″: A call […]

An Interesting Question Concerning Bipolar Disorder

Candida Abrahamson, (one of our members) made the following comment in response to a reblog I made of an excellent piece that another of our members, Manic Muses, had written…. “I was so appreciative to Manic Musis for this wonderful reference that I actually had to comment twice on her site! It’s an extremely important […]