‘Twas A Mammoth Task, But Well Worth it!

Well folks, I am delighted to be able to announce that having inadvertently wiped the entire ‘Member Blogs’ listing from our ‘Member Blogs’ page I have now finished re-entering all of the blogs and sites and have checked that all of the links are now working properly.

(Does little dance round his office chair to celebrate)

With over 350 mental health related blogs and sites currently listed on our membership records it was no minor task to re-enter them all.  But as I said before “You really are Worth it!”

And on that note, it really is extremely important to me that no-one who has been or who desires to be a member (and who fits with our membership requirements) is left out or inadvertently missed.

So what I would very much like is for each member to check that their Site/Blog is listed.

Which brings me very neatly to my next request.  We all understand (I would think) that sometimes the names of blogs can change.  Perhaps because we have reached a different point in our journey with mental health or because we simply fancied a change.  Obviously – with so many members – it is not possible for me to keep up with these changes.  So, if you have changed the name of your blog or site, please do let me know so that I can update the listing for your blog/site.

However, please be aware that membership is awarded to the blog or site under the original name. Where the blog/site’s name has changed but the ethos and subject matter has remained the same this is not an issues and the membership can be transferred.   But, should you have drastically changed the ethos or subject matter of your blog or site membership might not be transferred.

Once again, my apologies for having inadvertently wiped the listing before and for the delay in completing its rebuild.

Kind regards and God bless you



Ps. Don’t forget to update your Membership Logo on your blog/site.

6 comments on “‘Twas A Mammoth Task, But Well Worth it!

  1. You’re amazing, Kevin. Thank you for all your hard work. 🙂

    • Hi Cate,

      Amazing was not a name that I was calling myself when I accidentally deleted them all in the first place. LOL

      Hope you are ok Cate?

      Kind regards and God bless you

  2. Hi Kevin,
    Thank you for all of your amazing dedication and diligence! I was very excited to update my blog page with the new logo, and verified that all the links worked. Happy New Year to you!

    • Hey Lulu,

      Really great to hear from you. Long time no speak – sorry for my absence. Hopefully I will improve this year LOL. And yes Happy New Year to you also.

      Really glad you updated the logo. It is excellent that you are part of our little community.

      Kind regards and God bless you.

  3. Hi Kevin,you recently sent me an email accepting my blog (Extraho Morsus Canis) into the MH Writer’s Guild. I do thank you for that, however i ended up with a huge volume of emails (due to my subscription settings, no doubt. Completely my bad) and I just can’t find it. I’m so sorry to make more work for you, but can i find info about putting the guild logo on my blog on your website? I’m not on WordPress, it’s giving me grief trying to change my email settings for your site, would you recommend using an rss feeder? Thanks in advance, appreciate any of your time. Zeb

    • Hi Zeb,

      I have to admit that I am confused by it too. I can’t find any record of my having emailed you. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that I haven’t emailed you My mind sometimes plays up and my focus goes and so it is possible that I didn’t keep a copy of the email – although that in itself is very unusual. Additionally I checked my members list and couldn’t find your blog on it. Which again could possibly be down to my recent mental health status. But no matter, I have now checked out your blog/site and have added it to our Member Blogs list. (So welcome)

      In terms of placing our logo on your site, I have to admit that since I don’t use blogger (I tried it a long time ago and didn’t like it) I am not completely sure of how to go about placing a logo in your side bar. But I have done an internet search and do have a couple of methods which might work for you.

      However, because one of the methods requires the use of ‘coding’ I am not able to give instructions here in the comments and WordPress would automatically corrupt that coding.

      Because of this I am going to email instructions in the hope that they work for you.

      Should I use the email assigned to your comment – it is a gmail address which begins with ‘cre’.
      Let me know.

      Kind regards and God bless you.

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