Anxiety – Guest Post by Faith.

This morning I would very much like to share a guest post with you which simply comprises of a poem sent to me by a twelve grade student called Faith.  Here is what Faith said…


My name is Faith and I am currently a grade twelve student. There have been some really difficult times in my life and as a result, I have written some pieces. This one is about anxiety and I would really appreciate, if you wouldn’t mind, to read it over. It’s a short poem.

Thanks so much,

As someone who knows these feelings well and also as someone who loves reading and writing poetry, I am delighted to be able to share this with you..

teenage anxiety


I can’t breathe.

I’m drowning and crying for help.

I’m screaming at the people around me,

But no words come out.

Panic fills up inside me,

As I surrender to the monsters.

Another attack,

Somebody help me, please.

It’s over now.

I try to regain my breath.

The people surrounding me stare at me,

Looks of uncertainty cover their faces.

I didn’t know it was going to happen,

Sometimes the trigger just comes.

I can’t do this on my own,

Although I’m in a crowd,

I feel all alone.

“It gets better” they all say.

“Just breathe and calm down”

They don’t understand.

There’s more to it than that.

I need help. But where can I find it?

Somebody save me,

I can’t do this on my own.

[Editor’s Note:  I am extremely grateful to Faith and want to thank her for sharing this with us.  But more importantly I want to send a message to you Faith asking if you are getting any help with your anxiety and any other mental health related difficulties that you may be facing.  No-one needs to face these things alone and we are here for you as much as we can be.]

7 comments on “Anxiety – Guest Post by Faith.

  1. That perfectly puts into words the feelings of anxiety, especially the reactions of other people. I can’t really elaborate more without just reiterating what she’s said so succinctly, but I really identified with this. Good luck Faith!

  2. You are an amazing person Faith! Thank you for sharing your poem! I wish you health and happiness 🙂

  3. Anxiety attacks are a deeply frightening thing. It’s hard to calm down when you can’t even breathe. Just know that the feelings will pass. They may come again, but they will always pass, and you will be able to breathe again.

  4. Beautiful poem, Faith. Anxiety and panic attacks are horrible, but they end, even if just for a short while. Please know there are many of us out here who understand. And if you’re not getting mental health assistance, I highly encourage you to find someone to help if you can.

  5. Anxiety can be a part of life , , very good poem , take care

  6. This was extremely vivid and well-written. I hope you’re doing well.

  7. Very well done. Thank you for writing this.

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