Very Inspiring Blogger Award

the-very-inspiring-blogger-awardI have this morning received The Very Inspiring Blogger Award for this blog and am very grateful to Annie from over at Gentle Kindness blog for awarding it to me.

According to the rules and courtesies of this award I have to do the following things in receiving this award…

Rules and Courtesies

1. Thank your nominator by posting a link to their blog on your Award post – Done

2. List 7 to 10 Facts About Yourself – See below

3. Nominate up to 15 other blogs for being inspirational – Also see below

4. Post the rules so people know them – These are the rules 🙂

5. Notify your nominees via their About Page and send them the link to your Award Post with the rules on it – I will do so after posting this post.

6. Post the award badge on your blog anywhere you like on your pages or posts. – See above


List 7 to 10 Facts About Myself

1.  I really struggle with things like this which require you to list a number of facts about yourself.  I can never think of anything which I feel anyone would be the slightest bit interested in.  So I often cheat a little and include this statement as one of the facts.  And that at least reduces the amount of facts I have to struggle to find by one.

2.  I was born in England and now live in Ireland but I don’t really consider anywhere to be ‘home’. That is not to say that I don’t love both countries, I do.  But I simply don’t established roots the same way a lot of people seem to.

3.  Possibly linked to number 2 above, when I was a much younger man I was ‘street homeless’ for a number of months.  Something which whilst having many downsides and dangers, seems to have become a part of me.  So much so that I am often tempted to simply get up and go and to leave it all behind and become street homeless once more.  Please understand that I am not advocating this for anyone.  But it really s a much simpler life in many ways and the isolation and anonymity that it offers is something which I can’t help myself from finding very appealing.

4. I have a real dislike of telephone conversations.  They make me very apprehensive and extremely uncomfortable and so I avoid them wherever I am able.  ‘Caller id’ is, to me, the friend you both love and hate.  On the one hand it takes a lot of that apprehension away as you can now at least see who is calling, but on the other hand it increases that apprehension when you don’t recognise the number or can’t (for the life of you) remember the person whose name has appeared on your phone.

5.  Slightly linked to 4 above.  Very often when I am out (which in itself, up until recently, has not been very often) I am greeted by someone and sometimes have short conversations with folk who to all intents and purposes treat me like we are close friends but whose identities or associations with me I can’t for the life of me remember.  These always cause me to feel extremely awkward and always leave me feeling very confused.  Not to mention the fact that ‘mini mental me’ – he who apparently is charged with the day to day operations of my mind – then goes into a complete downward spiral of wondering if I (as a result of not remembering who they were) said something I shouldn’t have said, didn’t say something I should have said or made that person feel unappreciated in some way.

6.  Linking deftly in with number 5 above.  I am (on the face of things) much more comfortable in the solitude and isolation of my house than I am anywhere else on the planet. I say ‘on the face of things’ as I recognise the advice and opinion that isolation whilst seemingly providing less obstacles and difficulties in the short-term probably has a more negative than positive effect in the long-term.

7.  Whilst I really am very passionate as a person, at the same time I have a very literal and logical mind and often my mind seems to remove or obstruct my ability to connect with my passions or emotions.

8.  I have recently started cooking again,  And I really love it.  Living on your own can serious impact your motivation to cook, as cooking for one (even shopping for one) can be a real drag.  But I have recently started cooking meals which I can cook as if doing so for a few people.  I then simply cool them, box them (in Tupperware containers) and then freeze them to be reheated on those days when I am not well enough to cook.

9.  Despite my propensity to isolate and my dislike of going out, I have, for the past week, forced myself to go for (what is for me at least) a long walk every day.  This is not only getting me out of the house but also helping me with my weight problem.  And as it stands I have been fairly successful in this. (Which I have to admit somewhat surprises me).

10.  I can generally read things which are upside down almost as well as I can read them when they are the right side up.  (I off course remain right side up as I have a tendency to roll when not on my feet 🙂  I realise that this is a fairly useless fact that I am sharing but hey it has allowed me to share all ten facts suggested in the rules of courtesies of this award. 🙂

Nominate up to 15 other blogs for being inspirational

Ok, here I meet with a little difficulty.  I have received this award on other blogs that I either personally run or which I administrate.  And as a result of this I have already nominated – in response to  those previous awards – most of the blogs which I do find particularly inspirational.

Likewise, I personally believe that anyone who reaches out of their own pain and struggles and writes a blog sharing said pain and struggles in the hope of encouraging others or letting others know that they are not alone, is inspirational in his or her own right.

And so, on the understanding that I see no point in renominating those blogs which I have already awarded this award to.  In order to comply with the rules and courtesies of this award, here are 15 blogs which I do find inspirational and which have touched me or impacted my heart (and even mini mental me) in some way.  Even if most of the time I simply read them silently from the edges of the blogosphere…

1.   A Little Fearless

2.   Blue Hero

3.   Comforting her inner child – Calming an anxious mind

4.   Confronting Giants

5.   Dear Hope

6.   Even At Your Darkest

7.    Feather of Happenstance

8.    Giving Out Not Up

9.    Ms. Elyse

10.  New Wings To Fly

11.   Of Faith and Mental Health

12.   Somber Scribbler

13.   Terminally Intelligent

14.   The Bipolar Bum

15.   The Rabbit Hole


So there you have it.  Again my sincere thanks go to Annie from Gentle Kindness blog for awarding me this award.  And again there were so many blogs that I could have awarded this award to but either I have already previously awarded it to you or I plan to catch yours next time.  So please don’t take offence if you are not on my list.

Please do feel free to check out the blogs I have listed.  They all are inspirational in their own right either through what they write or because of their own personal stories.

Kind regards and God bless you all.


10 comments on “Very Inspiring Blogger Award

  1. CONGRATULATIONS for the award and the other huge milestones you share like cooking and going for those walks. Keep it up Bold K, kindest regards from Brussels 🙂

  2. I dislike phone conversations and love anonymity too. Congrats on your award and thank you for the nomination 🙂

    • Hi SS,

      Many thanks for taking time to comment. Glad I am not the only one who dislikes telephone conversations. Enjoy your reward, you deserve it.

      Kind regards and God bless you.

  3. Very interesting that you were “street homeless” and are drawn to that simple lifestyle. I was also “street homeless” as a teenager but found myself the target of sexual predators, so it wasn’t such a good time. I have just bought a camper van, and am embarking on a new kind of rather upscale homelessness that I am hoping will heal the traumas I endured when I was a scraggly kid on the street. It feels very weird, and I am scared to death, but I think that “feel the fear and do it anyway” is going to be my motto once again, and I hope to advance from surviving to thriving! We shall see.

    • Hi Laura,

      I am truly sorry to hear of your having gone through that.

      I am not sure why I escaped such things during my time living on the streets. Perhaps it was because I am male and perhaps I was a little older than you when you were on living the streets. And of course geographical location probably had a something to do with it also. LOL not to mention I probable was less appealing then than I am now even.

      I truly hope that you camper van nomadic approach will heal those traumas for you. And I truly hope you do move from surviving to thriving.

      Kind regards and God bless you.

  4. Congratulations and thank you very much for the nomination

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