At The ‘Heart’ of It All.

HeartMonthI admit that it might, at first, seem a little strange to see a heart graphic on a mental health site/blog.

But please bear with me, if you will, as I really do believe that this is an important issue and one which can be impacted by and therefore definitely is related to Mental Health.

You see February is American Heart Month and I have been contacted by our friends over at the American Recall Center and asked if we would help get the word out about how important this – and looking after our hearts – really is.

And since this is an International Guild and since we all do have a heart, I am more than happy to do so.

On a personal note I know only too well how our mental health can impact our physical health and in fact, in support of the American Recall Center’s request for us to highlight positive heart health I have this morning written a post (entitled New Hope For The Suffering Heart) on my personal blog, in which I openly share some of the struggles and yes some of the victories that I personally have experienced in this respect.

I am sure that there many members or the Guild will know just how important this issue is and just how our mental health can and often does impact our physical health.  But it also wouldn’t surprise me – and I say this because it was something I never really considered or was mindful of for such a long time – that there will be some who have never really sat and thought about just how this happens and what effect it can have on us,

So I want to encourage our membership to do one or more of a few things that I have listed below..

  1. How about popping over to the American Recall Center site and checking out the info-graphic and other great information there?
  2. Alternatively how about checking out their info-graphic which I have included below.
  3. How about spending a few minutes considering how your mental health is impacting your physical health and especially your heart?
  4. How about performing a self-health check on your heart and how you treat it.
  5. How about writing your own post on your personal blogs/sites promoting this?
  6. And if you really are bored or simply curious – please feel free to check out my post on this subject on my personal blog.

And in closing – and before I display the info-graphic that I mentioned earlier – I would just like to say one more thing.  In the years that I have been blogging on Mental Health and Mental Illness and indeed in the time that this Guild has been operating the one thing that stands out more than anything else is the heart of love and support and encouragement that is there from so many to so many.  But let’s not forget that without good health in our physical hearts, that mental, spiritual and emotional hearth that I speak of will suffer.

Kind Regards and God bless you.



8 comments on “At The ‘Heart’ of It All.

  1. I don’t think this is exactly what you’re aiming for with this post, but, when I was 19, my dad died suddenly from a heart attack (ironically, in the middle of his nightly 5 mile run which he did to keep his heart healthy). At any rate, it was horrible for my family, but the worst of the fallout (aside from not having my dad around anymore) was that I started having physical symptoms of anxiety – rapid or pounding heartbeat, sweating, shaking, nervousness – as well as panic attacks. I was positive I was next, which, of course, worsened the anxiety and…vicious cycle. It took years to undo the damage to my psyche that occurred in the space of 1 day, and, even now, I still catch myself worrying that I’m a ticking time bomb. I saw a psychiatrist (who I still see today) and a cardiologist (twice), but logic kinda doesn’t help anxiety sometimes. So, I’m pretty watchful about my heart health (except on junk food night with my husband…). My dad only lived to 61. I’d like to last longer than that.

    • Hi LB,

      I think what you expressed in your comments is perfectly understandable and just as valid a response as any other.

      And I have to be honest, as I read your comment, as well as wanting to offer you my sympathies over the loss of your father, I couldn’t help wondering whether if we all had regular check ups and had more of a mindfulness of our heart’s health it wouldn’t in some ways have reduced your anxieties.

      But as you said logic kind of doesn’t help anxiety sometimes and likewise, as I know first hand, rationality doesn’t always impact the irrational.

      I truly am sorry to hear about the loss of your father and the way that it had impacted you and your family.
      Kind regards and God bless you.


  2. I blog once a month for the International Bipolar Foundation. I’m a former American Council on Exercise certified personal trainer, and I hope you don’t mind my including this link in which I discuss exercise in my IBPF post, which of course affects our hearts

    In the second comment below the post, I add some very important information about exercise for mood and my discovery of the brilliant psychiatrist Dr. M. Alsuwaidan. He has key advice when it comes to workouts for bipolar disorder & I include two useful links there – one to his brief blog post and one to an outstanding webinar he gave for the International Society for Bipolar Disorders.


    take care & thanks for a great, very worthwhile post!!

  3. https://anniemimihall.wordpress.com/2015/02/25/february-is-american-heart-month-heart-disease-awareness-and-my-quit-smoking-story/
    I made this post, in response to your asking others to post one of their own. Thank for letting us know about this.

    I am always out of the loop on things like this, unless someone lets me know. I appreciate being informed in order to be a part of blogging for causes. We all have our blogs that we use for various different purposes and it is also good for us to do something like this from time to time.

    The more bloggers that put posts for awareness about these important issues, the more we are “Using our Powers for Good!” LOL sorry, my kids are into those superhero movies and I always here about using your powers for good and not evil. LOL

    My post has my quit smoking story on it. I will not ever start again. I will write a post soon about Raynaud’s Syndrome which I have from years of smoking. I have pictures of my hands when they are out in the cold, that should stop most anyone from ever starting to smoke! It will never go away, even though I quit smoking.

    much love

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