Member’s Profile – My Depersonalization Experience.


Well, I haven’t posted a member’s profile post for a while now and so I am absolutely  delighted to be able to post this one in which we profile our newest member – Christopher – from over at My Depersonalization Experience.

Due to my having again been unwell lately and only now starting to recover, I haven’t had a great deal of time to read through his blog posts  but from what I have read a I am sure that you will find lots of very interesting stuff if you give his site a visit.  Certainly, his condition is not one which I think a lot of people know about.  And I have to tell you I can certainly relate to so much of it.  

And don’t forget to say hi and offer some help and support if you can make it across.

It really is good to have him here as a member of the guild and I hope that you will make him feel welcomed.


The author of “My Depersonalization Experience” writes (in a recent comment to us)…

“My name is Christopher, a sufferer and survivor of a very rare and misunderstood condition – Chronic Depersonalization and Derealization.

Whilst this condition is quite common within the psychiatric community (secondary to other conditions or when one has “transient episodes”) it is quite rare that someone (like myself) has the condition as a primary (Chronic) condition.

I maintain a blog entitled “MyDepersonalizationExperience.com” (run on WordPress – I purchased the domain name) which has a menu offering resources for fellow sufferers (books, links, theories, treatment options, contact info, pictures, and more).

It also offers insight on the medication mismanagement involved in me “inheriting” this condition.

I blog often, as often as I can, on various topics involving Mental Health, Medications, etc.

Most of which are about new articles on Mental Health or my life as it relates to Mental Health and my illness.

I would like to be a member of the Guild, and hope to have a positive impact on others lives via my blog and constructive debate and discussion.”


As I said above, it really is good to have Christopher with us, and I hope he will be more than welcome and that his blog will be of interest to our members and provide a lot of interesting reads, support and insights.

Kind regards and God bless you all,


5 comments on “Member’s Profile – My Depersonalization Experience.

  1. SO great to see this post here! I follow Chris’ blog and it’s outstanding. I have bipolar one, depersonalization & derealization, and while bipolar is well -known (well, not my specific kind -I have postpartum onset bipolar disorder, but that’s a whole different topic!) DP/DR is *not* well known.

    Thank you Chris, to bringing light to what we suffer with and for providing me with encouragement & hope! 🙂


    • Hi Dyane,

      I too was delighted to hear from Chris and also delighted to be able to admit his site/blog into the guild and publish a Member’s Profile feature about his blog.

      I am very keen that any and all bloggers who write about mental health or mental illness should have access to the guild and am especially keen that all aspects of mental health and mental illness are represented.

      Hopefully Chris’s blog being a part of this Guild will increase awareness of these lesser known but equally important disorders/conditions.
      Kind regards and God bless you.


  2. I also experience depersonalization / derealization disorder. I do not always feel as detached from reality as I do other times. Writing my blog helps me to access a feeling of attachment to what I am doing and helps me to be in the present moment of experience.

    Blogging has been a blessing and very possibly has saved my life. I began blogging in the middle of October and I can’t imagine life without it.

    When I am under extreme anxiety out in the world (like at work or at my daughter’s therapy sessions) I often go into a derealization state. It is my brain’s way of protecting me from any further trauma. There has been too much trauma from abuse already.

    Although I realize that my brain does this to protect me, the feeling of being in a dream state, is very disconcerting. It is hard to focus and remember things. It is also hard to communicate effectively with the therapist or with my supervisors at work.

    My thoughts are with Christopher as he does good work reaching out to others and creating awareness of a mental illness that is very difficult to describe and for anyone to understand.

    Always nice to see your face, Dyane 🙂


  3. Great to hear another blog covering a Dissociative Disorder. DR/DPD is not uncommon, but also not well understood. I’m looking forward to reading and linking to your posts

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