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Member’s Profile – lilypupslife


In the spirit of sharing information about our members and the resources or writings that they offer we often run our Member’s Profile Feature.

Today I am sharing the profile of one of our newest members and I hope that you will make them feel welcome and go over and visit their blog/site.

Please remember that the information shared as part of this feature is ALWAYS provided by or at the request of the member themselves.  Although we, of course, reserve the right to edit or omit any information supplied.


My blog ‘lilypupslife‘ has been going for only one month, but has been an amazing experience.
I have battled bipolar 2 with psychotic features for approximately forty years.
The blog started as an alternative to journaling which I believe is helpful during recovery.
I am a former school teacher and administrator and work as hard as I can to reduce the stigma of mental illness.
Additionally, I speak and give presentations through the NAMI “In Our Own Voice” program.
My blog reflects my serious efforts through my recovery to “minister” to those suffering.
Struggling recently with psychosis and a serious med change, I try to encourage others through my trials.
I like to infuse a sense of humor in my writing…nothing like a laugh to heal.
I’d be honored to have anyone join me and read.
Many good thoughts to all.

One comment on “Member’s Profile – lilypupslife

  1. Thank you Lilypup for sharing; my prayers and laughter are with you as you journey.

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