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To Look Beyond What We First See.

Voices of Glass

stigma As a long term sufferer with Mental Health issues I have always been saddened by the ways in which people often react so negatively towards those of us who suffer with poor mental health.

Negative reactions which range from indifference to mocking and judgement and yes even ridicule and abuse.  I am fairly confident, as a mental health blogger, that most of my readers who they themselves suffer with poor mental health will have had first hand and painful experiences of such things.

The truth is that such reactions often come out of; nervousness, fear, ignorance, peer-pressure, and even unaddressed hurts within the person who is reacting in such a way.

In fact, one of the reasons for my starting this blog was to try – albeit in some small way – to share some of my own experiences in the hope that it might help others to understand.


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