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Member’s Profile – Behind The Wall


As part of our ‘Member’s Profile’ feature, this comes from and with the permission of Behind The Wall by way of their introduction to the guild :)

Behind The Wall started as a collection of stories taken from interviews by parents for parents of adults who live with serious, chronic mental illness.
The stories collected for Behind The Wall: The True Story of Mental Illness as Told by Parents is aimed at addressing the difficult challenges parents face as caregivers of children who live with mental illness.
Parents tell their stories, and in doing so, address stigma around mental illness, and provide valuable advice and strategies for coping and being better parents.
Most importantly Behind The Wall parents show that other parents are not alone in their journey and there is hope.
Please like us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/StoriesBehindTheWall
We are very grateful to Mary for supplying this information and allowing us to publish it under our ‘Member’s Profile’ feature and would encourage all members to check out their blog and Facebook page.

Let’s support each other as much as possible 🙂

One comment on “Member’s Profile – Behind The Wall

  1. So good to know that there ARE parents who support their children with mental illnesses, rather than throwing them out, as so many of ours have.

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