Getting Help Survey Ends – Results Shown

Hi All,

As promised I have now closed the Getting Help Survey which we launched some weeks back now.

The survey asked folk the following question….

“From the point of trying to get help with your mental health, how long did it take you to get an acceptable diagnosis for your mental health?”

Well as is often the case with these things only 45 people voted but that is a fairly good indicator and so I thought I would share the results with you all…


Interestingly, and very sadly, some 33 voters out of the 45 total voters sad it took over a year before they got an acceptable diagnosis in respect of their mental health.  That equates to some 73.3% of those voting.

A further 3 voters said they had never been diagnosed and a further 2 said they had never accepted the diagnosis that they were given.  This is a further 11% of those voting.

This means that quick and acceptable help was not received by over 84% of those voting.

Other figures were that:

One voter said it took more than one month but less than two months.

One voter said it took more than three months but less than six months.

One voter said it took more than six months but less than  a year.

Thankfully 4 voters stated that they did indeed get an acceptable diagnosis within one month of seeking help for their mental health.

I am extremely aware that this is a very small poll when you consider the amount of people suffering with mental health related challenges and who have actually sought help.  But I can’t help wondering just how indicative this is and why it is this way?

I would certainly be interested in your comments and feedback on this 🙂

10 comments on “Getting Help Survey Ends – Results Shown

  1. It’s sad and the systems no matter what country your in suck! I’m guessing cost is one of the biggest issues.

  2. Hi, i’ve had a few different diagnosis, and my memory is pretty bad from quite early on, I think, but am not sure about this that I went for years without having any diagnosis through school then work despite having quite severe depression and anxiety, I think that it was about 10 years after the problems started I was first diagnosed, and I think that was only because i’d been hospitalised. But like I said, my memory is really bad and very vague around that time.

    • Hi TSAAPG,

      I think varying or ever changing diagnosis is something that so many of us can relate to.

      I am so sorry to hear that you went for so long without a proper diagnosis and as for the memory thing – yes I can so relate to that.

      I hope and pray that things improve in that regard for you. For me the answer was Folic Acid tablets as my folic acid levels were very low and that affects the memory apparently.

      Kind Regards and God bless you.

  3. I would be really interested to see this done on a bigger scale, i’m sure my employer YoungMinds would be more than happy to promote it for you 🙂

  4. I was recently diagnosed with Bipolar I, Mixed Episodes, Rapid Cycling (Ultra to Ultradian). I have had serious moods swings all of my life, I was treated for Depression 25-30 yrs ago. I was put on Prozac and Elavil which made me much worse and the Prozac put me into a deeper depression, I attempted Suicide on it and the Psychiatrist refused to take me off of it, saying it would get better. I finally took myself off of it and refused to see the Psychiatrist anymore (gave me a very bad taste for Psychiatrists) Anytime I ever went to him he just stared at me, worst feeling ever, never asked questions and just said getting off the meds was a bad idea, well dying is a bad idea too. I started seeing my previous Psychologist in mid February. To speed up the diagnosis, I had friends and family write letters so that he could get everyone’s perspective. I have been trying to get into a Psychiatrist since I started seeing my Psychologist and have hit nothing but brick walls. It will be the end of June to the end of July before I can get into a couple of them, was turned away by two places, one said they did not have the time available to meet my needs, the other said that because I was seeing a private practice Psychologist, I could not come to their practice because I was required to see their therapists and their doctors…so you see, not only getting a diagnosis is difficult (esp Bipolar) but also getting into someplace for treatment.

  5. Beckie,

    I feel for you…there is nothing worse than feeling like you don’t matter enough…and you are right, someone sitting across from you staring at you don’t help in the least…is it their way of trying to get you to speak because of the uncomfortable silence? If onlly they could live a week in our heads!

  6. Just found this blog.
    Took me 25 years in Australia and multiple differing dx that never quite fit prior to accurate BPD dx. FYI

    • Hi bpdnme

      I can’t seem to find a response from me to your comment. I am so sorry for this, I think I must have had one of my moments and not done it.

      I can so relate to your situation and sadly it doesn’t seem to uncommon.

      Thank you so much for taking time to comment.
      Kind regards and God bless you.

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