Getting Help Survey Reminder.

Hi all.

It has now been a week since we launched the “Getting Help Survey” and the initial results are quite interesting.

The survey focuses on how long it took people from the point of realizing there maybe something with their mental health  that needed attention until the point of receiving an acceptable diagnosis.

More details and a chance to participate in this survey can be found here but here are the initial results after the first week.  Which I think are extremely interesting.


If you haven’t already participated in this survey and would be willing to do so and it is appropriate please go to this link  SURVEY.  Your vote really does matter.

Many thanks.


11 comments on “Getting Help Survey Reminder.

  1. Woops! Sorry I missed the earlier post. All done now though. I really needed an ‘all of the above’ option. :\

  2. Wow. Very interesting and rather clear results!

  3. Wow this is absolutely fascinating and completely tallies up to my own experiences and experiences of others i know (i work in mental health and all the time i hear about how long it takes).

    I can’t wait for the full results.

    • Hi Kat,

      It is very interesting isn’t it and yes I too am keen to see what the final results will be.
      Many thanks for your feedback and for reblogging it.

      Kind Regards and God bless you.

  4. Reblogged this on Insight: A blog by Kat Cormack and commented:
    Take this survey! Simple as that 🙂

  5. I just read a good book about this, called “I’m not sick, I don’t need help.” It gives a unique insight to mentally ill people, and specifically for those who love them.

  6. I shared this on my blog’s partner-Facebook page; I hope this is okay. I thought the graph gave a good visual, even though the number of participants is low, and even though it’s not the final results (probably should have waited, but I saw it as too much of a great picture to share).

    • Hey Sarah,

      That is absolutely fine 🙂

      I shall be updating everyone as to the current result in a few days but wanted to respond in respect of the number of participants being low.

      I think so many folk are very busy nowadays and on top of that polls and survey’s do somehow get missed, overlooked or forgotten.

      The results are as you point out still very interesting though aren’t they 🙂

      Hope you are well.
      Kind Regards and God bless you.


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