Getting Help Survey

A question arose the other day about how long it takes someone – from the point of their trying to get help with their mental health – to get an actual acceptable diagnosis.

So in response to that question I thought I would do a poll and invite members to participate if they would like to.

I will show the results in a few weeks time:)

Here is the poll – please only answer once.

Many thanks.


5 comments on “Getting Help Survey

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  2. I would like to qualify my response. I chose ‘over a year’ because it took many years to get the correct diagnosis (bipolar disorder and others). However, before that I was given what turned out to be a “partial” diagnosis, Major Depressive Disorder. At the time I accepted it as correct.

    • Hi Anita,

      I think many of us experienced similar things. But thanks for the clarification I am sure others will be able to relate to the same or similar situations in respect of their diagnosis.

      Hope you are well.
      Kind Regards and God bless you.

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