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Voices of Glass

I wonder if you do the whole New Years Resolutions thing?


Personally it is something that I tend not to do myself but I am mindful that some folk do tend to do them and I am also mindful that for some they only end up as another vehicle through which we can feel like we have failed again.

Some of us can be like that sometimes can’t we?  Focusing on the failures and not the successes?  Our internal dialogue seems to take over, bashing us over our heads with these things.  And indeed when you experience mental illness or poor mental health sometimes this can be heightened.

So how about this year we be “SMART” about it? How about we use ‘Smart Goals’ when making New Year’s resolutions if we are to make them?

‘Smart goals’ are goals used within projects in order increase the potential for success. And…

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  1. Good idea, Kevin! May your new year be filled with blessings of love, peace and joy!

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