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Member’s Profile – Many of Us

Continuing on in our Member’s Profile Feature I am delighted to be able to introduce the Many of Us Blog to you.

This and permission to publish it was received via Carol anne.  Our appreciation goes out to Carol anne and the others for allowing us to publish it…

Our hosts name is Shirley. She is the host of our system, we have did, formerly mpd multiple personality disorder. We are body age 32, well Shirley is. However there are many of us with many names and ages who share our body.
We are studying childcare at the moment. We have studied other things before. Social work, youth and community work, community education, computers, amongst other things. We are currently doing a degree in early childhood studies, which will take 3 years. We live in Ireland.
We also have bipolar, ptsd, anxiety and other diagnoses. We are blind also and are currently awaiting our third guide dog. Our previous dogs were Maisie, a yellow lab retriever and goldie who was a golden retriever.
We love animals, kids, hanging out with friends, volunteer work, amongst other things. We identify as a lesbian.
Thank you for reading…
Carol anne, for many of us system
I am a strong person, I just have weak moments

One comment on “Member’s Profile – Many of Us

  1. Nice one carol-Anne (and Kevin) 🙂

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