Member’s Profile – Candida Abrahamson’s Blog

Continuing on in our Member’s Profile Feature I am delighted to be able to introduce Candida Abrahamson’s Blog to you.

This and permission to publish it was received via Candida’s daughter Rhona Finkel who is also very involved in the field of Mental Health.  Our appreciation goes out to both Rhona and Candida for allowing us to publish it…

I have been a mediator, life coach and counselor since graduating with my PhD from Northwestern, both in my native Chicago, and nation-wide, via the medium of the phone session. I do family and couples therapy, grief and cancer counseling, and work on coaching clients with life management skills. In addition to hypnotherapy, I also mediate for families and businesses, as well as in cases of divorce.

With the able assistance of my daughter, Rhona Finkel, who does a lot of research and writing on mood disorders, we’ve put together a blog that is timely, well-crafted and witty, on a wide variety of topics ranging from marriage and divorce to mood disorders to medications to to scientific retractions to finance and relationships to blended families—and more. Chock-full of practical advice and the latest research.

Candida’s blog can be found here – Candida Abrahamson’s Blog and is well worth the visit in my opinion.

If you would like your bio published as part of our Member’s Profile Feature simply send your bio to me at MentalHealthWritersGuild@gmail.com

2 comments on “Member’s Profile – Candida Abrahamson’s Blog

  1. Candida’s blog is informative and well-written. I highly recommend it for anyone dealing with mental health issues.

  2. WOW, sounds great. Congratulations for becoming a part of the Guild and I look forward to reading your blog – sounds good.

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