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Member’s Profile – At The Mountains of Madness

As I am sure you can understand, due to the amount of members that we have,  affording each member their own Bio page is just not possible.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t give members the opportunity to introduce both themselves and their blogs.

The “Member’s Profile…” feature does just this and is open to all members.  All of these can be accessed via the ‘Member’s Profile’ tags plus I have also created a page were all of them will be permanently listed.

If you would like the opportunity to introduce yourself all you have to so is to email me your bio or profile and I will include it at a convenient time.  Please email them to mentalhealthwritersguild@gmail.com

So here is our second Member’s Profile and this one comes from  the author of At The Mountain of Madness – another blog well worth the visit….


I first entered the UK’s mental health system in my late childhood, and have been in, out (shake it all about), and floating around it ever since. During that time I’ve been diagnosed with a number of things, but the powers that be have finally settled on bipolar disorder, type one, with psychotic features (although they still have a question mark over schizoaffective disorder.) Euphoric manias are known but rare for me, but I’m intimately acquainted with dysphoric ones, and particularly with can’t-get-out-of-bed-might-as-well-be-in-a-coma depressions. I’m no stranger to hallucinations and delusions either.

On the bright side, as of mid-2012 I’m beginning to get to the point where a lot of the illness is manageable through a combination of a cocktail of medication that makes me rattle when I walk, and an excellent if rather too forgiving therapist. I’m also trying to use my mental health difficulties to positive effect in writing, both personal (my blog) and professional.

I like science fiction, gaming, pubs, reading, animals and rock music. I’m an INTP, a nerd and I’m a bit weird, but I’m mostly harmless and would love to meet new people blogging about mental health issues 🙂


So there you have it 🙂 I am very grateful for this submission and permission to publish it and I hope that other members will see what a great opportunity this is for other members to get to know you and your work.

One comment on “Member’s Profile – At The Mountains of Madness

  1. Welcome to the group 🙂

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