The UK’s NHS is under treating Mental Illness!

Being as some of our members are from the UK, I thought this article would e of particular interest to them but might also interest our other members also.

It was published on NHS Choices (website for the UK’s National Health Service) and as a result of an article published in the Independent newspaper and a report by the BBC.

The Independent newspaper stated that…

“The NHS is failing mental health patients,” 1

Whilst the BBC ran with…

NHS managers have been accused of “shocking discrimination” in providing mental health services. 1

Both of these came out as a result of an academic policy report on the state of mental health services in Britain.

The report found that mental illness accounts for nearly half of all ill health in people younger than 65, and that only a quarter of people in need of treatment currently get it. The report concludes that money spent on treating physical conditions could be better spent on cost-effective psychological therapies, which are still not widely enough available. 1

Now those are some frightening statistics!

You can read the full article here and I would be very interested to receive your comments!

5 comments on “The UK’s NHS is under treating Mental Illness!

  1. I’m originally from England and have been living abroad for 5 years. My dad is back is still living back in England and has been trying to get me to go back to England since I had my mental breakdown 2 years ago.

    I told him that I’ve not only read articles about the state of the NHS and treating mental health but I’ve heard from fellow bloggers too. Ridiculous things like being put on a waiting list to see a psychiatrist and in the meantime, them giving you self-help books to read.

    No way am I going back there.

    • Hi QB,

      I am sorry to read that you are back in hospial. Although I do understand that for some being back in hospital can bea good thing and if that is the case with you then I am pleased. 🙂

      I do understand where you are coming from in respect of not wishing to go back as I am from the UK originally. But I do have to say that in my experience the mental health service provision in the UK is far superior to the one over here. However, these things are so personal and do depend on personal experience.

      What concerns me greatly are those who do not have the current mental capacity to fight such problems and thus do not have a voice in it all. I thik most of us have experienced episodes like that.
      Hopefully this will cause and improvement in things.
      Hope you are well?

      Kind Regards and God bless

  2. This is appalling that a country such as the UK should be so lax about treating mental illness. Unfortunately, the USA seems to be making stupid cuts, too. Cutting back on mental health care does not save money in the long run. With all the repercussions of such cuts, more money is spent and unwisely.

    • Hi Ellen,

      I agree that no one should have to suffer like this especially in countries (such as the UK) where society claims to be so advanced.

      The plight ofd those of us with mental health issues (regardless of geographical location) is something which I am very concerned and passionate about and this article certainly did concern and sadden me greatly.
      Hope you are well?
      Kind Regards and God bless.

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